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Oct 6, 2009 12:05 PM

Thi Thi Calgary south

I know many have been to the Thi Thi Vietnamese sub place in Chinatown, not sure how many have tried one of the expansions. We went to the one in the far south, McKenzie Towne, I think the neighborhood is. I was not sure what to expect, you never know how it will compare when something gets franchised.

Now, I have not been to the downtown Thi thi in years, and have been suffering up in Edmonton without anything close to them. I feel that they kept everything very close to the original. Sure the place feels like a fast food chain now instead of the hole in the wall, but if you want to franchise that is what you have to do. The bread was still great, soft on the inside, nice crust on the outside, and they have a choice of whole wheat too. The toppings are ample, the mayo and special sauce equally special. Can't comment on the prices, as I cannot remember what they are downtown, seems to me they are higher though. The size is great, I think a little smaller than a foot long.

My SO and I both had the chicken sate (I don't know that I have ever had anything else), however I wanted to try the whole wheat. I was really pleased with my enjoyment on the whole wheat, my SO was willing to trade if I did not like it. I don't think it was as spicy as downtown, not a problem for me. Overall, I will definitely continue to go when I need my fix. Much easier for me, than heading downtown when I am in Calgary.

anyone want to open one in Edmonton? trust me, it would be a huge hit, there is NOTHING similar!!

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  1. It's great to hear they're expanding/franchising, but big BOO-URNS to their closing the one on 8th Ave by The Uptown on Saturdays. I used to love getting a sub there before a Saturday matinee at the Globe or Uptown, and it was nice to be there when it was not insanely crowded. So many other places are opening weekends now, this seems like an inscrutable step backwards.

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      Drat! When did they shutter the doors, JM?

    2. i've been to the Thi Thi on 130th Ave SE many times. I've always been a satisfied customer, and I have had Viet subs in other places, including the original hole in the wall.