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Oct 6, 2009 11:50 AM

Sinatra review (and an apology to April!!!)

I went to Sinatra back in March and had just a great meal. I posted the review here on CH. It was a great meal accentuated not only by the food but also by the service, especially the manager, April. Yet when I wrote the review I left out 1 single word that turned what should have been a compliment into unwarranted criticism. What I said was "she could have been nicer" when I obviously meant to say "she could NOT have been nicer". So for all of you who gave her a hard time, it was my fault and I am sorry!!! Now on to my most recent visit.

Much has been written about this place not being your typical Italian restaurant and there are few choices on the menu. All fair points but should not be construed as negatives either. I, for one, am happy that this isn't your typical Italian joint. Instead this is a comfortable (except noise level) excellent restaurant who's minimalist menu delivers excellence at almost every level. First the negative. The noise. How can a place that has as much fabric and carpet be so loud? My guess is that the vaulted glass ceiling has everything to do with that.

As far as the food is concerned, Sinatra continues to impress me. I started with the "Frank's Clams Possilipo" which came in a wonderful red broth that I could have sipped all night. Next we had, "for the table" an order of the Agnolotti that is about as good as can be made! OMG, the way that the agnolotti remain light while being stuffed with buffalo ricotta is beyond me. And why did I decide I should share these with everyone else? Tactical error on my part. Do not miss these little pockets of flavorful joy! Next was something that April had sent to the table and we also had the pleasure of having Theo Schoenegger greet us. He had prepared a white truffle laced pappardelle that was truly heavenly. I could have eaten that all night! I have a hard time avoiding veal milanese on menu's and here is no exception. Perfectly cooked and well seasoned the only thing I can question is that the decision to use endive w/the arugula. It makes for awkward carving. Not only that, endive's flavor really pales in comparison to arugala so I do miss that. The tomato marmalade is a good accompaniment, but one I wouldn't miss if omitted.

Others had the lobster risotto (which I tried and really loved) loved the other liked. I would discount the one "like" as his complaint was that the lobster tail was a bit "tough". Really, seriously? How many times, unless u slowly poach a tail in butter, have you had "tender" Maine/Nova lobster tail? Not sure I would ever use Tender to describe a lobster tail. There was also a shrimp pasta in a red sauce that got so so reviews. Pasta and shrimp were perfectly cooked but it was the red sauce that was off. It was a sauce that was akin to a slow roasted short rib not one to compliment shrimp. Very odd.

All in all Sinatra is an excellent restaurant. Some minor blips but given the over all quality I will consider this one of my "go to" restaurants when visiting Las Vegas. And if you go, make sure you tell April I said hi, but make sure if you write a review to proof read first!!!

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  1. I actually read it the right way LVI! I just wanted to ask you if you feel that Sinatra is a good replacement for L'atelier or Alex (taste of Wynn) In other words it seems to me that even the taste menu is a bit high and Sinatra has a more reasonable tasting menu for what I can afford this trip. In previous reviews it has sounded like you think for the step down this is very good food?

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      The Taste of Wynn menu at Sinatra is an absolute steal for what you get. $59 for 3-courses and the choices are all things right of the menu which I find very appealing. The Osso Bucco "my way" is the best I've had. All the pastas are handmade. I think LVI is spot on with his review.

      That said, the Taste of Wynn menu at Alex is also a steal at $89 for 3-courses and multiple amuses. It's a prime opportunity to dine at a top-level place for a substantially lower price.

      L'Atelier also has a great seasonal tasting for around $75 which is also a prime deal. It was 5-courses and I found it to be a substantial amount of food in case that's important to you.

      I can tell this is an agonizing decision for you. Fortunately, all the choices are excellent.

      1. re: Missmoo

        It's really a different world. I am not a fan of L'Atelier. I have been twice and each time it totally under whelmed me. Their food seems to be robotic at best. And I know it is one of the darlings on this board but for me, it's a pass. Alex on the other hand is much a different story. And by no means is it a fair comparison. If $ is no object I go to Alex 9 out of 10 times. But if $ were an object I would not say that Alex is twice as good as Sinatra (which in $ terms is close to what it is). Alex and Sinatra are completely different. I would also urge you not to base your decision on the Taste of Wynn menus. If you really look at these menus, it is not a tremendous savings. If you feel like a quieter more refined dining experience that leans towards French inspired cooking then I would go to Alex and if you are in the mood for a more upbeat, Italian inspired fare, then Sinatra is where you should go. You will not go wrong at either place though.

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          Thanks LVI, I think we'll go with Sinatra because the lower price is very appealing, plus we are doing Fleur de Lys (which I know is not considered as good by some) and I'd prefer a different cuisine (we're also doing Los, Origin India, and Raku).
          I've been to French Laundry and am not looking for that level of restaurant. I just want good food and an enjoyable time for the money. And thanks for your help too climberdoc! It has been agonizing!

          1. re: Missmoo

            I like your other choices also. You will LOVE Raku. Try and sit at the food bar (if you like that stuff) but call ahead to reserve and there are only five seats. I would also urge you to go to Origin's web site as there is (was?) a printable 2 for 1 coupon.

            1. re: LVI

              Thanks LVI! I got a coupon at! I'll post when I get back.