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Jan 12, 2005 11:21 AM

visit to disneyland's semi-secret club 33 - the menu (& prices....)

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Was supposed to go to club 33 on saturday with some only semi-houndly friends. They personally loved the food. I thought the LA CH community would be interested in seeing what their winter menu had to offer.

for those not aware, club 33 is a private club, mostly intended for corporate members as a way to entertain clients, which you enter through a locked door in new orleans square. when a guest makes you reservations, you receive free tickets to both parks, but you must eat dinner at the club or else the member's credit card is charged about $90 for each missing reservation.

so without further ado... the menu

there is a 5 course prix fixe meal for $73. With wine pairing, add $35. Unfortunately my friend's photography is not that good, so I can only read the last few courses:

pepper crusted rib eye steak, dijon roasted garlic, aioli / Lava Cap Syrra Reserve, 2000

Select artisan cheeses/ guenoc, port, guenoc valley

kahlua chocolate bombe, orange zest creme anglaise, EOS, tears of dew, moscato, 2001

Now from the a la carte menu:

Carpaccio of filet mignon 10

white bean artichoke chowder, nueske bacon 7

seared sea scallop raviolo, pineapple sage, butternut squash 14

field green salad, fromage blanc, red beet vinaigrette 7

caramelized fennel and autumn mushroom bisque 9

hudson valley foie gras, golden apple, lingonberry waffle 18

pan fried cape cod oysters 14

norwegian salmon tasting 35

braised prime short rib, vintage port, mustard greens 34

Wild Stripe Bass, mung bean ragout, spiced aubergine 33

farm raised venison chop, valrhona chocolate, juniper berry 38

Root vegetable strudel, montrachet cheese, fingerling potato 27

lavender glazed chicken, morel mushroom risotto 29

certified black angus filet of chateaubriand 39

whole roasted muscovy duck, black winter truffle 37

alaskan halibut, buckwheat fettuccini, lobster thermidor 32

colorado lamb three by three 38

select artisan cheeses 10
that's all I've got from the photo-- of course the prices are outrageous when you consider that you're at Disneyland, but the tickets are free after all...

I must say I would have really liked to have tried the foie gras lingonberry waffle. How odd.

so what do you think?

Mr. Taster

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  1. "Filet of chateaubriand"?

    1. I went to the buffet there a couple times and thought it was great. Sort of like a really good hotel brunch, which doesn't sound that good, but when you compare it to the swill they sell at the park, it's like gay Paree. It's also fun to drink booze while watching people mill around a dry French Quarter out the windows.

      The trophy room is fun. They call it that because it used to house a ton of trophies given to Walt, but after he died the family snagged them all. The room has hidden microphones (which you can still see if you look around) that Walt installed to snoop on guests. The plan was that someone would monitor the conversations and the stuffed animals in the room would comment on the private conversation you were having. Word has it the system was never used, but the microphones are still there, so you be the judge.