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Oct 6, 2009 11:20 AM

Macarons have landed in Edmonton: Duchess Bake Shop

Duchess Bake Shop at 10720-124 Street has been open four days, but have the baking arsenal of a bakery open much longer. I'm highly impressed by this place.

French pastries are the specialties. This is not a boulangerie, so there are no bread products. But there are tiny, perfect French flavour flecked macarons ($1.25 for a toonie sized bite), meringues, madeleines and croissants ($1.50). Pies, shortbreads ($4.95 for 12 cookies), pain au chocolat ($1.75?)... the list goes on.

I highly recommend a visit. Some may find the prices a bit high, but I've been waiting for years for a place like this to open in Edmonton, and have been saving my pennies.

More photos:

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  1. thanks for the notice Kazzy....what are the croissants like? tough to find a decent croissant in the city.

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      I agree. The southside italian market is the best I've found so far but they are always sold out when I get there.

      1. re: rob1234

        These croissants were quite good, actually. Extremely buttery and moist yet flaky, well-layered with a crispy crust and a touch of airy fluffiness. All the qualities one looks for in a good croissant!

        They are small as I mention in the blog post, but good croissants need not be large. They may become my go to for croissant cravings.

        Perhaps the only downfall might be my own personal taste for a slightly salty croissant. These may be a bit sweet for my tongue, but I will have to try them again tomorrow. The pain au chocolat was extremely delicious as well.

    2. Oh my goodness, macarons!! I think I need to go break my diet tonight.

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      1. re: anonymoose

        Ok I did go yesterday. It was YUMMY! Bought macarons and madeleines and they were polished off in no time. :) Hours are 10-6, Mon-Fri and 10-5 on Saturdays. Across the street from Koutouki Taverna.

        More details and photos if you're interested:

      2. Having just been to Laduree in Paris (the original macaroon) and trying to bring some back to Edmonton for the kids only to present them with a dry, sticky mess..this is great news! They LOOK like the Laduree macarons in the posted her is hoping. I am out of town, but the SO is heading there tomorrow. This is REALLY excitiing. We both agree that we have not put anything better in our mouths than Laduree Macarons. Here's hoping!

        1. I am making a turd out of their salted caramel macarons right now. The texture is great with the cookies, and the whole thing is a miraculous flavour. I could die with a smile on my face without feeling like the good lord gypped me.

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            1. re: anonymoose

              risking being late for work, I opted to turn east on 107, head back towards 124th street and check out this place. since the post started I have been looking up these macaron thingys. I have never had one, not in Paris or anywhere else, could not tell you why I was probably full on cheese and chocolate. They only had 3 flavors for me strawberry, pistachio and lavender. I am not a fan of lavender flavor in food, and I always hesitate trying something strawberry in case it is fake flavoring (doubtful here). I ordered the pistachio and a croissant. Well, neither of them made it home, I don't think the macaron even made it back onto 107th ave! What a delight, chewy, crispy and creamy in all the best possibly ways, the ganache (which is one of my favorite things of all time) was sublime.They seem a little pricey for the size, not something I would buy for a group, but would cherish one or two on my own :)

              the croissant was very different than what you can get around here (thankfully). Salty, crispy, very buttery, but not overly light, may have been ever so slightly overbaked, would try it more to know for sure, or eat it there and talk with the bakers. Regardless it was really great. Eating it in the car was not a wise choice though.

              Made it to work with time to spare to write the review! LOL.

              it is probably not good for my waistline or my pocketbook that they are less than 10mins away and all those pies look amazing!

              1. re: cleopatra999

                Macarons are definitely a personal treat or as a gift to impress another foodie; WRT their price and size.

                Finally made it there today and the Shop was busy with people enjoying a mid-morning cafe and snack. Garner was busy taking an order and Giselle bringing out more baked goodnesses out into the display cases.

                Left with half dozen macaron (lemon, lavender, salt caramel, coconut, chocolate, rose), pain au chocolat, and madeleines (lavender, lemon). FINALLY macarons in Edmonton and they were DELICIOUS!!! Have done a macaron tour of the patisseries in Paris, even Laduree, and these are THE real deal! Chewy, crunchy, and tasty. Fillings were excellent...yet to try the coconut but all were good so far. Only complaint I have is their consistency in size. Some were smaller than others in diameter and height. If they can fix that, its well worth the $1.25 a piece.

                The madeleines are perfect. I preferred the lemon over the lavender, which was a little more floral than I liked on my palate. The pain au chocolat, flakey, butter and so good.

                Inquired about their cakes, "The Duchess" is the one to order. Chocolatey goodness, made with Valrhona chocolate, 60/70% blend with salt caramel and ganache.

                The Bake Shop definitely satisfies the french patisserie craving, especially in Edmonton! Thanks Garner and Giselle....saves us a few trips to Manuel Latruwe's in Calgary.

                1. re: too_hungry

                  that duchess cake looks incredible!! I have a couple bdays coming up, I think someone might get one :)

                  1. re: cleopatra999

                    that would be THE awesomest cake/present!

                    1. re: too_hungry

                      I tried a mini Duchess cake recently. It was up to the standards I expect here, which means excellent. I wouldn't mind if they found a way to incorporate a little bit more marzipan, but I am a fiend for it.

                  2. re: too_hungry

                    The Coconut is the runaway winner of all. Best flavor. Personally, Lavender is good to look at and smell, but not in my food.
                    All others were excellent as well.

            2. I just went there this morning due to this board and it's right down the street. Parking is a little tricking in that area. OMG SO GOOD! I didn't understand the macaron fanaticism but now I do. I had the rose, pistachio, salted caramel, and dark chocolate. I liked the pistachio the best and was really disappointed with the salted caramel It tasted like it was missing salt. I had a croissant and a dark pain au chocolat they were buttery and flaky and flavourful and chewy (in a good way). I also got a pumpkin spice tulip cake. The cream cheese icing wasn't too tangy nor too sweet it was so good and the cake was super moist and nummy.

              I got the lemon meringue cake for later with a friend.

              I also picked up a bag of their marshmallows for cocoa when it finally snows.

              I think it was reasonably priced for the AMAZING product they offer. I would go there for treats or hostess gifts again. It smells amazing in there.