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Burger places that grind their own burgers?

Any place other than Ray's?

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  1. Houston's in Rockville and their Bethesda location which changed from Houston's to Woodmont Grill grinds their meat daily for burgers.

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          They do not grind their own meat. I thought they did but according to Mark B, the owner, they have it ground to spec for them.


          Theirs is ground for them.

      1. Fudrucker's used to. I don't know if they still do. I haven't been to one in about 25 years. When they were in the building that's now Fortune in 7 Corners, they had carcasses hanging in the window and eventually moved them out of sight because too many people didn't want their children to see what a butchered cow looked like.

        1. Michael Landrum discusses his house-ground beef here ---> http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/bl...

          1. The Rehoboth Nage has a very famous prime rib burger that is ground fresh there. Isn't there a Nage in DC? This burger won accolades from Food Network recently.

            1. I don't knot this for certain, but having had it a number of times, and considering it's part of Bourbon Steak, I believe the bar at Bourbon Steak has in-house ground burgers. The burger is amazing - basically a haute cuisine riff on a Big Mac, down to the sesame seed bun.

              1. BGR says they are ground fresh daily, but I don't know if it is in-house or ground for them. 2 locations - Bethesda and Old Town Alexandria

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                  In the link I provide, Mark B is clear that it is ground to their specs off premise and tested regularly. This approach has advantages and disadvantages over grinding in house in small batches.