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Oct 6, 2009 11:08 AM

best fried chicken?

any recommendations for fried chicken in brooklyn?
I have an urge for it. what are some favorites?

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  1. There was a thread a few months ago you should consult on this very topic, but it might have had to do with large orders of takeout fried chicken. Anyway, I like Buttermilk Channel and also Henry's End who makes a fine and distinct version thanks to unusual spices (cinnamon among others, for instance). Soul Spot is pretty tasty as well.

    1. Dallas BBQ on Livingston Street, not too far from Jay St. (downtown BK) has reliably good fried chicken wings (plain fried and the honey/sticky wings).

      1. Mitchell's on Flatbush Ave. is pretty good and I like their sides too.

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        1. re: Claire

          Mitchell's is gone--replaced by Piquant which is a Southwestern menu. Same owners though.

          1. re: jinx

            I think there's (or was) two Mitchell's on Flatbush. One was full-service restaurant. The one I'm thinking of has a few plastic tables in front and kitchen in back. It's mostly a take-out place.

            1. re: Claire

              There is Mitchell's Soul Food on Vanderbilt near St. Marks Ave. It has no relationship to the now gone Mitchell's on Flatbush

              1. re: rschwim

                Thank you for correcting me Rschwim. Mitchell's Soul Food on Vanderbilt St. is the place I meant.

        2. La Cabana Rodriguez Restaurant on Flatbush and Beverley Rd

          Cheap and Awesome. Healthy pieces, theyre open until the food runs out (4am).

          3pcs w/Fries=$3.75....How much better can you get.

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          1. re: jeezaleo

            Popeye's! Greasy and moist -- yummy.

          2. Buttermilk Channel on Court Street, if you don't mind crowds and waiting.

            Buttermilk Channel
            524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231