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Suggestions for a vegetarian entree to go with Bœuf bourguignon

I am making dinner for 12-14 at the end of the month for my SOs bday and Bœuf bourguignon is one if his favorites. We have three vegetarians coming and I wanted to make an entree for them that feels french as the rest of the menu will be french- any ideas?

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  1. Ina Garten makes an elegant eggplant gratin that she and the famous Jeffrey had in Paris. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

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        interesting. hoe would this differ than regular ratatouille (which I love and was considering_

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          I was referring to the method in which the vegetables are cooked separately, then assembled, sometimes in a mold. Did you see the animated film? The confit byaldi version is a possibility:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confit_b...

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            the separate cook method is the traditional one. however, i think of ratatouille as a summer dish --where are you cassoulady? it's definitely autumn here in new england.

            how about roasted acorn squash, cut in half hollowed then filled with sauteed mushrooms, black lentils and then finished with a pureed herb sauce.

            or crepes filled with sauteed mushrooms, diced golden apples and finished with a cream sauce. garnish with toasted hazelnuts.

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              btw, although they do beautiful things with their gorgeous produce, less than 2% of the french population identifies as vegetarians, lol.


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                I am in new england too. my sister has lived in france for 20 years and I called her for some suggestions- she said, I dont have any, I have never met a vegetarian. ha ha

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          I love a gratin, but I wanted something that might appear more entree-esque so the non meat eaters dont think they are just getting a medley of side dishes. Maybe a ratatouille served with a sauteed polenta round?

        2. roasted beets sliced on buttered noodles with parsley, with a mushroom sauce/gravy on top.

          1. How about a vegetable stew made in the style of the beef? Add quartered, sauteed mushrooms and maybe some borlotti beans. That might be a little more inclusive rather than something that can be perceived as a side dish.

            1. Deborah Madison has a GREAT braised root vegetable with black lentils and red wine sauce recipe in her Local Flavors book. I've been in the same situation you're in with my vegetarian daughters and this has been a huge hit - very French.

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                  Pretty close - more like a good bourguinon.

                2. Do your vegetarians eat eggs and cheese? If so, I say souffle!! You could do them as individual souffles and there's one particular epicurious recipe (twice baked goat cheese souffles) that would be a cinch to pop in just before serving. MIght make the carnivores drooly, but I think that's a good thing. :-)

                  1. I was thinking individual mushroom wellingtons, but here are some other mushroom ideas as well

                    1. A tofu mushroom stroganoff would work, as would tofu bourguignon.

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                        i'm sorry, lol, but i think tofu in a classic dish like boeuf bourguignon would send a french person into paroxysms.

                        and stroganoff had its origins in russia.

                      2. I'm also planning to serve boeuf bourgignon at a dinner soon and would like to find a recipe for a vegetarian option for one guest. I was thinking of a mushroom and pearl onion ragout - saute the mushrooms and onions first, then deglaze with cognac and braise in red wine with thyme. Same basic idea as the beef. Both could be served on buttered, parsleyed egg noodles. Has anyone tried anything similar and how did it turn out?

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                          I am planning on makng a vegetarain cassoulet from gourmet- http://www.gourmet.com/recipes/2000s/...
                          i will let you know how it turns out.

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                            I immediately thought of this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs:


                            Its a mushroom bourguingnon, made exactly as one would do it with beef, but with mushrooms instead.

                            She uses either beef or vegetable broth (obviously you would need to use either a veggie fake "beef" boxed broth or a vegetable broth). However, I think using a nice rich mushroom stock from dried porcinis or something would be the most delicious.

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                              Thank you Mellicita. Although I didn't see your post this morning, I made this dish in much the same manner as the recipe over the weekend (all the same elements as boeuf bourgignon but without the meat or beef stock). It turned out delicious - very deeply flavourful and a nice deep brown colour. I will be proud to serve this Mushroom Bourgignon to my vegetarian friend alongside the Boeuf version for my other guests.

                          2. A gratin of some sort is a no-brainer and a sure win. My vote goes to potato, macaroni or cauliflower.