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Oct 6, 2009 10:56 AM

pizza pan?

hello- i'm looking to add pizzas to my repertoire and specifically was deciding between the all clad pizza set or a cast iron pan (the mario batalli one from crate and barrel)

any thoughts? or should I go for a traditional stone?

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  1. I use a traditional stone. The one disadvantage is that it you need to have the oven on for 30 minutes in advance. to ensure the stone warms through.

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    1. re: Paulustrious

      I use a stone too. The 30 min wait to cook doesn't deter me- I prepare my toppings and salad in the meantime.

    2. we just did a test between our kitchenaid pizza stone and the mario batali cast iron pan. the batali pan is 100 times better. the bf used to own a pizza restaurant and he was blown away by the results we were able to achieve in an electric home oven.

      i've never tried the all-clad pan so i can't compare.

      i got the batali pan on clearance at macy's. it was $2.79 and i got an extra 30% off by using my macy's card.

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      1. re: malisa0607

        How did you cook it? Heston blumenthal tried to cook a pizza once in 3 minutes by heating the oven to the max, heating the grill (above the oven) and pre-heating an upside-down CI pan, so I'm not surprised Iron beats stone.

        I am surprised that I've never heard of these before today though. Maybe I'll get one.
        Also, do you know what the difference is between that and a pizza cooked on a baking tray?

      2. Personally my vote would be with the cast iron. Lodge has one in their ProLogic line which runs about $50. Camp Chef and Sante have models for around $30-$35. These are pre-seasoned and not enamelled like the Batali. Have fun and get a deal! (Oh yeah, get to it...there's pizza waiting to be cooked!)

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        1. re: MikeB3542

          Damn. Thanks to you and malisa I have to get one.

        2. thanks everyone- i think i'll go for the cast iron- one question on that- can i use a regular knife or do i need a pizza cutter? and will a blade ruin the pan?


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          1. re: qwerty78

            More like the cast iron pan will ruin the knife. Pull it out onto a cutting board and cut it there, a knife works but a pizza cutter cam work better.


            1. re: tommy

              I agree with using a baking stone.
              Really doesn't take much to get your oven and stone to 550ยบ - less energy than ordering a pizza from take-out / driving to the store to get the ingredients or buying and cooking a frozen one. Also less time than any of these other option.
              Plus - and the real reason - cooked on a stone just tastes so good!


              1. re: legourmettv

                I just want to emphasise what legourmettv says. The oven really does need to be on max

              2. re: tommy

                I agree. A quality stone is the way to go.