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Japanese candy

Hi gang! I'm in search of stores that carry Japanese candies. I specifically like lychee flavoured Hichew and have visited the japanese mall in little tokyo, hk market and am about to check out nijaya. Any other suggestions?


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  1. Update, nijaya and marukai doesn't have the lychee flavour...oh where, oh where can they be?

    1. Cost Plus World Market - Go to the candy section. They have loads of different jellies and hard. Also the 99 ranch markets will have japanese rice candies, jellies and hard. Sometimes the assumed obscure is right under our nose!

      1. Fugetsu-Do in Little Tokyo will have what you are looking for and more. The manju is excellent!!!

        1. I like the Korean supermarket in the basement of the mall at Western and Olympic. Lots of Asian candies.

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            I think I'm there right now...apple,orange,melon,strawberry,mango, but no lychee hichew. ..

            Was I dreaming such a flavour existed?

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              Fugetsu-do didn't have it either, the search continues.

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                I'm at the korean Galleria as I type...no dice. Onward!

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                    Ur probably right that it was discontinued. I kinda had fun searching for them.

              2. If you can;t find them at those stores, try Amazon.com. They do carry the lychee.

                1. On the West side, you might check out Mitsuwa.

                  1. The Mitsuwa we have on the East Coast sells a brand of Japanese hard candy called "Flower Kiss." The taste is delightfully similar to lychee, only somehow more exotic. They're delightful. They're individually wrapped in different-colored wrappers, but the candy inside is always the same flavor.

                    Good luck!

                    1. I prowl the Japanese candy aisle pretty regularly and haven't seen the Lychee recently. The last time I saw it, it was in a mixed bag. But the most recent mixed bag I got had Pineapple instead of lychee.

                      However, the Lychee Kasugai Gummies are pretty awesome. For hard candies they also make a very good version of those.

                      There are some great other flavors of HiCHEW lately like Blood Orange, Cotton Candy, DragonFruit & CamuCamu.

                      1. Mel and Rose sells lots of Japanese candy.

                        Mel and Rose Wine, Spirits, Deli & Specialty Food
                        West Hollywood, CA, West Hollywood, CA

                        1. Ooh, it must be back, I just saw this on eBay today.

                          Note that the packages are in English, which usually means they're made in Taiwan, not Japan. The flavors, I've noticed, are not quite as intense with the Taiwan-made product.