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Oct 6, 2009 10:31 AM

Fatburger: Nothing to write home about

Having heard many comments about Fatburger I had been looking to try one and finally did get the chance yesterday. I was underwhelmed.

The location was in Atlanta, Buckhead specifically, which is a long way from its California roots so that may have something to do with it. But still......

The staff seemed uninterested to say the least. Place was only moderately clean, and several service items, such as the soft drink dispensers, clearly were not being attended to--the syrup had run out of at least two items, and nothing was done even after we called it to their attention.

The burger was at best OK. It was big enough, but not very juicy. I had it with cheese and the famous fried egg. The egg was fried hard, which is strange since the whole point of adding fried egg to things is to have the runny yolk coat everything and add goodness; if you didn't know the egg was there you would have missed it. There wasn't much cheese either. But the worst thing was the pickles, which were bread and butter (ie sweet), not the dills that are needed to balance the fattiness of the burger itself. Bizarre.

Fries appeared to be standard frozen fries. They were served unsalted, and the salt on the table was too coarse to stick, so pretty blah.

All and all, I won't be going back anytime soon.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It used to be 1995. Then they implemented an aggressive expansion plan and quality fell through the floor. In-n-Out and Five Guys, as well and endless non-chains, do a much better job.

      1. wow i keep begging my dad to pick me up a fatburger after all the hype i hear about it. he goes to atlantic city all the time and i know the borgota has one although it is like 2 hours from my house and the borgotas out of his way. i think ill pass now./

        i think you should forget fatburger and go to fuddruckers. i have yet to find a better burger chain than fuddruckers./

        1. I've been to three Fats. Two were well established and long standing. One was in a brand new complex.

          The established fats did their job properly. The burgers were cooked thoroughly and you could never complain about the burger being too small. The fries were cut thick and I thought they were terrific slathered with ketchup. Yes, the burgers do tend to run a bit dry, but in contrast with the wetness of the vegetables, I enjoyed the contrast.

          The new fat just didn't know what they were doing. The burgers were consistently undercooked, and I was forced to stop going, even though it was very close to where I lived.

          I don't live anywhere near a fats now, and I'm not generally inclined to eat burgers these days, even on a rare basis, no pun intended, but if you enjoy fast food burgers, feel free to check out a long established franchisee and they'll probably steer you right.

          1. Went to one in Clearwater. Thought it was just okay. Then I went to a Red Robin and though, "This is the same meh burger I had at Fatburger, only louder and more irritating."