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Oct 6, 2009 10:22 AM

Spaghetti Squash-my new fave!

I just tried spaghetti squash for the 1st time the other night. I made cheesy broccoli rice for everyone else and tried the squash for myself. It was so simple and quick! I added a few cubes of sharp chedder, S&P, and a pat of butter and I had my side dish! Are there any recipes that you would like to share using this special squash? I still have the other half to cook and now they are $0.99 at my local grocer, so I am picking up another one for this weekends chicken cacciatore side.

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  1. My family enjoys the spaghetti squash I make with a combination of a meat sauce (typically covering one half of the spaghetti squash on the plate, and grated mizithra cheese shredded over the other half with a bit of melted butter drizzled over the cheese. They can mix and match, cheese with the sauce, as they like.

    1. Once cooked, spaghetti squash makes a nice "bed" layer for casseroles, baked chicken dishes and vegetarian lasagna. I roast 3-4 squash at a time and freeze them in ziplock bags for later use.

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        the veggie lasagna idea sounds delish and thanks for the time saving suggestions!

      2. I've used Emeril's recipe ( and added roasted garlic, pecorino romano and roasted grape tomatoes. Yum!

        1. cook plain and shred, then toss while hot with S&P,a splash of olive oil, minced garlic, chopped parsley, some red pepper flakes, a couple of heaping spoonfuls of ricotta.

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            wow that sounds really good. Do you think the ricotta will pair well with the heavy herbs of the chicken cacciatore I'm making on Sunday? Or should I keep it simple and leave out the ricotta for parm?

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              absolutely! ricotta is creamy deliciousness that will go well with (almost) anything :)

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              I do that toss with butter and olive oil, garlic, parsley, mint, cilantro, cumin and coriander with a bit of mint.

              My favorite, however, is a corned beef-based tomato sauce with a bit of allspice and cinnamon and some feta or cheddar cheese on top.

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                That's just what I do - only I use freshly-grated parmegiano reggiano.

              2. I fill the center with a combination of pesto and red sauce, with lots of parm, when cooked scoop everything out and mix.