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Half-way between PHX and Sedona?

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I will be in Sedona this weekend and hope to meet up with PHX friends for dinner. To be fair to them, I'd like to suggest a place about half-way between for us to meet. Is there anything decent? Doesn't have to be chow-worthy necessarily, but respectable. No specific cuisine necessary.

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  1. If respectable is local/seasonal and organic food, you could always do the dinner buffet at the Arcosanti Cafe. There is generally a fresh pasta, salumi from Italy, fresh baked bread, salads and herbs grown on the premises. Bonus, it's BYO, so they, or you, or both, could bring wine to share. I have known some of the chefs who have interned there, they take a lot of pride in their work. Paolo is very particular about his Italian food, and rightly so.

    link -- http://www.arcosanti.org/expArcosanti...

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      Thank you! That sounds like a great option.

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        Particularly since your only other choice is McDonalds! This area is truly a culinary wasteland.

    2. what's that diner with the ridiculous bourbon pecan pie? black rock or window rock or black canyon or something like that? that'd be a great place as well.

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        Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City -- closer to Phoenix than Sedona, but not out of the question

        Rock Springs Cafe
        35769 S Old Black Canyon Hwy, Black Canyon City, AZ 85324

      2. Thanks or the suggestions. My friend cancelled on me, so we never met. But I will keep these couple of suggestions in mind for next time