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Oct 6, 2009 10:08 AM

Shabu Prime Rib on 5th Avenue

Just read that this was opening, by the same people who run Isa.
Has anyone been or heard more about it?

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  1. I went there last Thursday evening...

    The interior is nice and modern and the food is really good. My favorite was the thick cut rib eye is amazing with the special, warm sauce that they have.

    Though, whether it is really traditional shabu shabu or not can be argued. It seemed more like hot pot to me, especially because the water is flavored.

    One thing to keep in mind is that if you have people in your party that don't like the taste of lamb, you should try to ask for a separate broth. By the end of the meal the lamb tends to take over the taste of it. I liked it, but someone I was dining with didn't.

    That being said, overall it was really good and I would recommend it.

    They even have all you can eat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I believe. A great deal. :-)

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        Prime Rib Shabu
        308 5th Ave
        (between Clement St & Geary Blvd)
        San Francisco, CA 94118
        (415) 379-4678

    1. I went on Sunday and had a great meal. The all-you-can-eat option appears to be an all-week menu feature.

      The first two plates of meat we had were very lean. A quick conversation with the waiter solved this problem, and the subsequent plates of beef were richly marbled and thick cut. The lamb and beef were both fresh-tasting and flavorful.

      The seafood variety wasn't very extensive, being limited to whole head-on shrimp, squid & fish balls, crab sticks, and cherry clams, but the flavors were good.

      The vegetable variety was good, and included some thick-stemmed Asian greens that I couldn't identify. What I can do is say that it was a bit smelly uncooked and delicious once boiled.

      The flavored broth, while not a traditional shabu shabu feature, made for a tasty soup at the meal's end.

      With attentive service, reasonable alcohol prices, and an attractive interior, I don't see myself visiting Mum's any time soon. This is my new all you can eat shabu shabu destination.

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        Prime Rib Shabu
        308 5th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118