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Oct 6, 2009 10:05 AM

MSP pizza and beer for 20

Hey Everybody -

Looking for suggestions on pizza / beer joint for 20 or so (dine in). Somewhere on the west side of the metro would be preferred.

I considered Punch / Nea, but getting a large group into those places can be a bit tricky. (We'd all eat, just at 4 different tables and at different times, etc.) Lots of other fun take out options. This one seemed a bit perplexing to me. I'd suck it up and go Green Mill or something if that's realy the best option, but figured someone might have an idea of a gem out there.

Thanks for any ideas!


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  1. Papa's in NoMi has a big table that I believe you can reserve. They have beer and wine, and I think their pizza is very good and stylistically neutral.

    Alternately, you could try Psycho Suzi's, which can either be dead or packed, depending on when you go. Good pizza and a great bar.

    Dulano's would meet the bill, but I think Green Mill has better Pizza.

    1. Davanni's isn't a bad spot for medium groups like that. A club that I used to be affiliated with would have meetings at the Edina location and they would set aside a little room for us, and we would usually rally up around 15-20 people or so.

      Also the Riverside location by Augsburg has an upstairs dining area if I recall that has ample seating.

      1. I did hold two meetings at two different Punch locations. For about 12. To do it, we got there a big early and staked out the end of one of the big tables down the middle. (This was on Grand Ave. and in Nordeast.) I had checked with managers in advance and they thought this would work.

        I was trying to attract college age kids to these meetings, and that worked.

        The one thing, especially at the Nordeast location on that particular night, was that it was noisy. Hard to hold conversations with pans banging and loud kids behind us.

        1. Dulono's might do the trick. I don't remember their beer selection, so it may be a little generic if you're looking for better brew. As an added bonus, you may get some good live music depending on when your meeting is.

          Edit: Sorry kevin47. I didn't see your recommendation for Dulono's above. I enjoy Dulono's better than Green Mill, but I don't argue matters of faith on this board.

          Dulono's Pizza
          607 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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            Ha. I feel compelled to note that Green Mill is NOT a matter of faith. I just find it marginally better than Dulonos, but both are fine.

            I'll take this time to add Italian Pie Shoppe in New Hope as an option. Good deep dish, and good for groups.

          2. Sorry everyone - I thought I replied to this thread thanking everyone for the ideas the other night. Must not have gone thru. Anyway: thanks [again] for the suggestions. I think we're going Dulono's!

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              Green Mill Uptown has a private space in their basement for an event and I think it is a reasonable food and bev minimum.

              1. re: redmeatfan

                I know the OP has made his decision, but I should note that Green Mill is rather notorious for high "event" pricing. Something like $17 per person, which is ridiculous for pizza. If something has changed, feel free to correct.