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Oct 6, 2009 10:03 AM

Caffe Itri, my new favorite place!

This place has been on my radar to try for a very long time. Not sure what took me so long but I finally got there last night. Wonderful! The service was excellent, from the minute we walked in and were greeted. It was a nice night but chilly, but we wanted to sit outside. No problem! They took the covers off two big stand heaters and fired them up, for just two people. The patio is one of the nicest I've seen, decorated so well, real furniture, fountains, plants, etc.

Excellent selection of wines by the glass (and a nitro tap system for all, not just the high end ones). We split the "Farmers Special" appetizer (regular menu).....white beans, prosciutto & onions over grilled focaccia. And a cheese ravioli in a mascarpone pesto sauce. Just excellent, all around. I saw about oh.....20 more dishes I'd like to try!

Really nice dessert selection but it wasn't a dessert night, so that'll have to wait for the next visit. If you haven't been, give it a try. It's in the Knightsville section of Cranston, right around the corner from Mike's Kitchen/Randall St.

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  1. The Chicken Gnocchi Gorgonzola is my goto dish at Itri. I am also a big fan of

    The Tiramisu is one of the best around.

    If you like Itri you may also want to try L'osteria directly across the street next. It is a more intimate Bistro with outstanding food and service. If you go try the chicken under a brick.