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Oct 6, 2009 10:03 AM

is there mushroom season in NYC?


I'm looking to buy nice mushrooms (chanterelles or cepes) to make mushroom julien (russian-style mushrooms in sour cream sauce) -- right now should be a mushroom season, but I'm not sure if NYC reflects that in quality or prices. What are best places to buy mushrooms that are not super super expense for such a comfort dish?

Thank you!

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  1. Buon Italia, located in the Chelsea Market, carries a good selection of very reasonably priced mushrooms.

    1. I have always purchased my mushrooms at Fairway, where I get my produce regularly. I find that this time of year they are more in season. Perhaps a farmer's market or more specialty shop might have better, but Fairway's produce is pretty legit and it is close to me.

      73rd/74th and Broadway, or 132nd and 12th Ave

      1. Also in the Chelsea Market is Manhattan Fruit Exchange...I love their mushrooms

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          Manhattan Fruit Exchange is the best combination of quality and price I have encountered in the city. I have not noticed fluctuations in terms of price depending on the time in the season, but certainly if we are out of season, you will have to resort to dried.