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Oct 6, 2009 10:01 AM

Has anyone hosted a private party at From The Boot?

We are hosting a christening lunch for my daughterr at From the Boot. It will be fairly large, 70 people, and served buffet style in a private room. I went over contract details with the owner yesterday and they are really giving me a good price. But they are including 18% gratuity, per server. There will be 2 servers. I understand 18% gratuity, but not per server, that is like paying 36%. I questioned the owner and he said its because the servers will be doing everything - bussing tables, clean up etc. He said they do it for all large parties. Still seems odd. He said it was standard and others pay it. Has anyone hosted a private event there and paid this? I am curious. I am praying I misunderstood but I doubt it.......

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  1. Ambler Girl,

    I haven't hosted a private party at From the Boot - but I have hosted private parties at other restaurants. I've never heard of a gratuity like that PER SERVER. I've certainly been encouraged to tip servers extra if we are particularly pleased with the service, but there has always been an 18 - 20% gratuity included in the total bill which, I assume, was divided among servers, bussers, etc. I'm even more surprised because you're serving buffet style and the serving responsibilities will be limited. It may be too late now for you to negotiate about it, but I wouldn't hesitate to make my feelings clear to the owner afterward...

    1. seems to me like you're getting hit pretty hard for a buffet event... i would ask what their per server fee is as a flat rate.

      1. While this doesn't involve FTB, we've done quite a few catered parties, both at a restaurant and in our home, and I've found it pretty customary to have a charge of $80 per server as part of the cost. In every instance, we've added an overall tip of 20% for the servers, not each server, but "the servers". I think 18% per server is a little over the top.

        1. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I just spoke with the owner and we agreed to a flat rate per server which will come close to 20% total, which is in line with what is reasonable. I have to say the owner was very nice and accomodating about it.

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            Good for you, Ambler Girl. I wonder how many people either just accept that and pay it, or think it's a ripoff and move on to another place? I always remember my Dad telling me that asking a question shouldn't be a problem for me - "what's the worst that can happen? - they say no, or they don't agree with you?". I'm never surprised when the result of asking a question leads to the outcome I wanted!

            1. re: bucksguy14

              well first of all, thanks to AG for closing the loop on this - I hate it when you never find out how an issue was resolved..... but while this is clearly a case where asking the question paid off, it makes me really leery about the restaurant. On one hand, she pushed back and got a better result, I am glad that happened. Yet I can't say that I would trust that I would be treated fairly at this place since they were all set to charge double for service until the customer objected...