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Oct 6, 2009 09:58 AM

Vietnamese/Ft. Lauderdale

Has anyone tried out the new Vietnamese place on Commercial Blvd. in Lauerdale-By-The-Sea. If so, I would be inerested in opinions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. No, but if you post the name and an address, I'll swing by and try it.

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    1. re: BAFU

      Thanks for your offer, I appreciated it, but the folowing poster answered my query.

      1. re: cucuzza

        Still: how about an address? Just curious...will be down near that area on Friday

        1. re: BAFU

          218 East Commercial Blvd

    2. Yes. Went there after reading a review in one of the local newspapers. Place is quite small. Food wasn't bad, but think Saigon Cuisine on 441 in Pompano is much better (and cheaper). There is some variety on the menu, but portions are small and although tasty nothing special to warrant a return visit.

      The setting is fine -- a small storefront (a former Little Caesar's I think) sparsely decorated and the service was decent -- friendly and fairly efficient. Had to send the soup back to be heated, and although the place was pretty empty at the time we went, we had to flag down the waiter for water refills. Tables are quite close to each other and there is a small bar as well. It's LauderdaleByTheSea location is in a quieter stretch of Commercial than down by the beach/pier so parking wasn't a problem either.

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      1. re: JulieF

        Thanks for the review ---- looks like I'll be sticking with Saigon Cuisine.

      2. Do you mean Basilic Vietnamese Grill? If so, here's John Linn's review from the New Times -

        Haven't tried Basilic but when Karen and I want Vietnamese food we usually go to Saigon Cuisine.