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Oct 6, 2009 09:56 AM

OK, so where to go for tacos on Buford Hwy now?

I noted the other day that Taqueria Los Rayos is gone from its spot opposite PDK on Chamblee Tucker. I've been to one of the vendors in Plaza Fiesta a couple times now, but they don't really do tacos (more tortas, steam table, and plates).

I think I've been to the taqueria-formerly-known-and-still-signed-as-Los-Compadres since it changed hands maybe once. It's across from NE Plaza down toward N Druid Hills. Still decent.

So, if I wanted to get good tacos between Green's on the south end and Tower on the N end (just outside 285), where does a guy go for good tacos on Buford Highway these days?

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  1. El Rey de Taco, just inside the perimeter. Ask for the hecho a mano tortillas.

    1. El Rey de Taco would be my first pick.
      Monterrey actually has some good tacos too, the pork and the chorizo are the better of the ones I have had there.
      A friend told me Pollo Loco has some good chicken tacos but I have not tried.
      Taqueria Los Rayos is now on Buford Hwy in the old Dairy Queen across from Pollo Loco.

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        I'll check out El Rey de Taco. Now that I think about it, I've seen the new Taqueria Los Rayos location but forgot about it.

        I know I didn't like the Pollo Norteno at Buford and Chamblee Tucker, though that's been many years ago. Haven't tried Pollo Loco.

        Where is Monterrey?

        I miss the El Molino grocery on Cheshire Bridge- they had good food in the back. And I've tried the Acapulco Market up near Landmark Diner a couple of times. Good for tortas at least, but I'm a little gun shy since I got wickedly ill (for about a week) several days after the last time I ate there. That and one other meal were the only ones that I hadn't shared with the family in that timeframe.