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Oct 6, 2009 09:33 AM

Kyo Ya bento box to go

Kyo ya has had a sign advertising a bento box to go special for a while now. Has anyone tried it? For $14, you have a choice of katsu curry, chicken teriyaki, or miso butterfish. For $15, you can get it with three pieces of sashimi and a 6-piece roll.

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  1. I have not tried any of their bento boxes but I did try their 15-for-15 lunch deal. The deal is available on the 15th of the month (weekdays only), and for $15 you get 15 pieces of sushi. Our boxes came with 2 pieces of nigiri, 4 pieces of spicy tuna roll, 4 pieces of philly roll, 4 pieces of vegetarian roll, one inari, and two pieces of battered fried shrimp.

    This was a lot of food, so the quantity/price ratio is very high. With regard to quality, the fish is neither the best nor the freshest, which is to be expected at this price.

    My main source of disappointment was the sushi rice. I assume this is the same sushi rice being used in everyone's sushi, including the full price nigiri. The rice was too heavy on the vinegar, and too heavily compressed in the making of the sushi. It made the sushi dense and the vinegar competed with the flavor of this fish. I wouldn't go back for sushi, but would still give their cooked food a chance.

    Lastly, the inari was excellent! The rice was mixed with all kinds of chopped up goodies. I would be happy with getting several of the inari for $8-10 during lunchtime.

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      Kyo-Ya Restaurant
      2 New Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94105