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Oct 6, 2009 07:28 AM

Best Sandwich in the Triangle?

Thoughts? Looking for a great sandwich--bonus points if it's in Raleigh, so I don't have to drive as far. Something super-delicious and satisfying, something that makes you think, "That's the best sandwich I've ever had!"

The best one I've had so far was at Alon's in Atlanta: Air-cured beef, grilled fennel, shaved parmesan and pink peppercorn dressing on ciabatta.
But there's got to be something to top that around here--I'm on a quest & would love some guidance.


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  1. For me, in order
    1. Sandwhich
    2. Neal's
    3. Parker & Otis
    4. Guglehupf

    1. I can't pick a best. Good ones include
      steak sandwich at Coquette
      chicken & bacon at La Farm
      bleu cheese burger w onion rings at Abbey Road

      1. One of my all-time favorite sandwiches in Raleigh is the Plethora at the Third Place coffee shop at Five Points. It's a veggie delight - with homemade hummus, homemade tabouli, pico de gallo, sprouts, scallions, sunflower seeds, havarti cheese and mustard served on whole grain bread. (Plus - I love that they've been serving that same sandwich since they opened some 15 or so years ago.)

        1. Philly steak at Pizza Italia- Westgate at Rt. 70 in N'West Raleigh.... this place is a hidden gem!

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            Pizza Italia makes a darn fine pizza too. Ultra thin. I'll have to try the
            Cheesesteak. thanks for the tip.

            I like the club at Scooter's biker bar on Atlantic Ave.

          2. I'm not generally a cold sammy fan, but I do love the warm focaccia sandwiches at Food Factory in Cary. I also like the chicken and tuna salads at La Farm in Cary (although that's primarily because of the bread, natch), and Hayes Barton in Five Points makes a mean egg salad.

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              I really like the BLT at Sandwhich in CH. Great interpretation of the classic sandwich.

              One day a couple of years ago, the the Federal had a braised warm brisket on some kind of a roll. I don't even remember the specifics beyond the fact that the bread and brisket seemed to combine. It was great! One of the best sandwiches I ever had.

              1. re: Tom from Raleigh

                Merritt's Country Store BLT is the best in the land.