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Oct 6, 2009 07:24 AM

What is the best burger in Bergen County?

I grew up in NJ and I am interested in hearing what people think is the best burger in Bergen County, NJ. About 5 years ago, some people recommended the Bortie Burger at the 101 Pub in Bogota. It is a great burger! I haven't been to that spot in a while and should go back, but I was also hoping to hear what others say regarding the best burger. I am looking for the non-chain restaurants. I know Houston's make a great burger, but I love checking out new dive bar-like unique spots. Look forward to the replies.

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  1. When I was growing up in Bergen County, the Iron Horse in Westwood was IMO the best burger, but I hear it has gone way down hill. White Manna in Hackensack is great and the Fireplace in Paramus. Also, Allendale Bar and Grill had a Good Burger and The Office in Wyckoff. Can't really say as to what new places have opened since I haven't lived in Bergen County for 3 years now, but i go back occasionally.

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      I think The Office is in Ridgewood, not Wyckoff.