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Oct 6, 2009 07:23 AM

Chronicle's Boston foodie guide 10/6/09

Tonight at 7:30 on WCVB (channel 5). Website is

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  1. I hope it's not time to say goodbye to Russo's, Speed's etc. Please, please, let them faun over "foodie" destinations like Strega, Fire and Ice, and one of the ripoff cupcake joints.

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    1. re: nsenada

      Why would it mean 'goodbye'? At worst, they may get more crowded. I personally hope that increased business means expanding and choosing more accessible locations. Speed's and Russo's for example aren't exactly easy to get to unless you have a car or have a high-tolerance for convulated transfers on public transportation. If they decided they can sustain bigger and better locations, yet still maintain quality, that's a good thing.

      Tougher for a restaurant when the cook/chef's efforts go into the quality, but for a grocery store, I'd personally love to see Russo's have other venues for selling their goods.

      1. re: kobuta

        The problem with Russo's is it's already ridiculously crowded, at least on weekends. They would need to expand to accommodate any appreciable rise in customers.

        1. re: nsenada

          Meh. Even at the height of a weekend rush, Russo's isn't that bad if you're not the type to get flustered because other people dare to be in your general vicinity, and there are plenty of tricks and shortcuts to help make it a faster and easier shop. And since they've about tripled the parking recently, it's not even difficult to find a spot anymore. (Ironically, in fact, it's now easiest to park where it used to be most difficult to find a spot.)

          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            I do generally ask that people stay out of my general area, and that they call me "psycho." Seriously, I have been there when it's been really unmanageably packed, usually during the weekend. I have noticed the better parking situation, though.

            1. re: nsenada

              NS- I agree with you- Russo's can be a nightmare at times- If Im going on a weekend I have to take a few deep breaths, be really organized and mentally prepare ;-) But it is SO worth it!!

          2. re: nsenada

            Exactly the problem. You need time like a weekend to make your way out there. If they actually thought to expand to a more accessible or central location, where people did have to jam it into a weekend b/c of the time it takes to get there, it would be so much more awesome for the city!

            1. re: kobuta

              But I go during the week fairly often, since it's not too far from my gym, and don't find it particularly stressful. It's really not bad at all most of the time around 5ish, unless there's a holiday coming up. The lines at the deli and the registers aren't any longer than your average grocery. Way easier than on weekends, but even then it's worth the struggle.

              1. re: bear

                It's not the lines, it's the gridlock!

                1. re: ginnyhw

                  I hear you, but really, I haven't found it to be too bad during the week.

        2. re: nsenada

          The promo showed "D.C.'s best burger in the Hub", making johnnycakes in a hearth, and a large dinner held outdoord in a field of crops.

        3. To reiterate an old point I've made here before: I don't think it's a good idea to keep good places "secret" lest they be overrun with hordes of the great unwashed. Better for a really fine place to get so crowded I can't ever get in than to protect it: I've seen too many hidden gems go under because they were too hidden.

          When a terrific place gets discovered and becomes really popular, it elevates the food culture for everyone: people get smarter, more discriminating, less willing to settle for chain-y crap. The owners expand, or entrepreneurial types notice that someone's making a lot of money and copy the idea: now there are two good places flogging the same worthy concept, e.g., Franklin Southie, Ten Tables Cambridge, Ball Square Cafe, shabu-shabu everywhere.

          Good food TV is better than bad food TV. I'll be interested to watch this show; judging from the promo Greygarious described, it doesn't sound Phantom-like.

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            1. re: CreativeFoodie42

              I guess I see your point - I would rather have more cart bruises on my ankles than no Russo's at all.

              1. re: nsenada

                Funny thing is Russo's just expanded 3-4 years ago. Guess they need to do it again ;-)

                Yah, sort of a central tenet of chowhounding for me is "spread the word." That way your favorite (fill in the blank) will still be there in 10 years.

            2. re: MC Slim JB

              I find Chronicle does a nice job with their food/restaurant-related shows (actually, pretty much with every story that I've seen...they are a real throw-back, in my opinion). A quick scan of places featured tonight tells me that they are maintaining a high level of local journalism. I can attest to most of their Bristol RI/SE MA choices (I think, a real treasure trove of food), except for Linden Place - do they do special dinners there?! I once gave a piano recital there when I was 8 y.o. I'll have to find the episode on-line.

              EDIT : I just checked out Linden Place's website - weddings. :P

              1. re: steve999

                Oh Im excited to see this! I had dinner there a couple years back and having been meaning to get over there again.

                So I missed the show- how was it?

                1. re: fmcoxe6188

                  It was decent, a wide variety of stuff was featured. Can't believe they didn't mention Quito's (sp) in Bristol (well, I don't think they did, was switching back and forth). I personally like a little more straight restaurant concentration but a good show.