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Oct 6, 2009 07:10 AM

What foods have you introduced your parents to?

Back when I was young(er) my parents were taking me out for a meal to celebrate a personal achievement and said I could pick anywhere I liked ot eat - so I picked the best curry restaurant in town. My parents had never eaten curry that wasn't out of a packet and cooked with raisins, and thought that Indian restaurants were very low sorts of places. They tried to talk me into dining somewhere 'better' (ie more expensive) but I stuck to my guns. When we got to the restaurant my father made rude comments about the 'low tone' of the place and I cringed in embarrassment, but still insisted we ate there.
Following that meal my parents took to dining at Indian restauants regularly, and my mother purchased several Indian cookbooks and enlarged her cooking repertoire accordingly.

Have you ever introduced your parents to something they had previously not tried?

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  1. for my parents: sushi, pork belly, epoisses, greek yogurt (and really any cheese that comes from somewhere other than the supermarket)...

    while visiting my brother in chicago this summer, he was a good sport and tried corned beef tongue, pate, oysters, foie gras mousse and the pork rinds at publican. I could not get him to try headcheese, but my 2 and 1/2 year old niece tried lamb, the pork rinds and corned beef tongue and also loved them.

    1. Banh mi and brown rice. Not in the same meal!

      1. I remember the first Christmas I was out of college and working, I was learning a lot about cooking and gourmet food through my job at a PR firm that specialized in restaurant public relations. I was so inspired and excited. I got my meat-and-potatoes parents some sort of dinner collection from D'Artagnan that included duck confit, foie gras, cornichons, and I can't remember what else. I thought they would love it. They didn't.

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          This could have been me, except I would have known my meat-and-potatoes parents wouldn't have loved it. My parents now have the resources (time and money) to eat out a lot more than they did when I was growing up, and my dad was working two jobs to pay the bills. As a result, they eat a lot of things now, that I never thought they would, but their tastes are still pretty basic. By far the most adventurous thing I've introduced them to is crawfish, and yes, they hated it.

        2. Grilling. My mom, a single mother for 25 of my youth years, was so afraid of fire she refused to bbq at home. I bought her a small hibatchi and it sat in the basement for a time until I literally took her step by step thru the setup and safety (of course) method.

          Now she grills everything. When I turned her onto grilled fruit, she loves grilled pineapple, she went out and bought a new grill just for that purpose.

          Yup, grilling was her food phobia for quite some time.

          1. Where do I begin??? lol They now love, due to their loving son, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek, Mex Mex, Middle Eastern, Spanish (yum tapas) Indian, Thai, homemade cheeses, good Chinese including dim sum, deli food including matzo ball soup, rugelach, kreplach, knish and others, and French. They were well versed in pot roasts, meatloafs and briskets and all forms of potatoes except pommes fritas Arnuads style (crispy puffed fingerlings).

            When I was quite young I would explore various methods and ethnicities of cooking and they indulged me.

            They also do Swedish, Dutch and Irish quite well and before my existense, but they have come a long way and are always open to my suggestions. Love 'em.