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Oct 6, 2009 06:54 AM


I want to organise a special birthday lunch... Any takers.. Money is no obeject, just a great experience...

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  1. Look at :

    Downtown/Old Montreal
    Decca 77
    Club Chasse et Pèche
    La Montée
    Newtown (?)

    Other 'hoods:
    La Chronique
    M sur Masson

    ... any particular things you are looking for ? wine list ? food style ? ambiance ? ethnicity ?

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Thank you for your reply... I have been to most you have mentioned above apart from Eurpea and I dont thinl LCCP do lunch now... And I have heard really mixed reviews for Newtown.

      I am in the business so I just want a great experience with a great wine list and any ethinicity...

      Is La Chronique open for Lunch?

      1. re: onif74

        Yes, La Chronique is open for lunch, and a good choice, though if money is no object I would consider Toqué as well. None of the choices above is a bad one.

        1. re: thelonious777

          Toqué doesn't do lunch. They did it for a while after they moved to the Quartier International, but it didn't last very long.

    2. My top vote would go to Europea for the food, elegant service and extra special touches. They have a very knowledgeable sommelier as well. Oh, and of course the lobster cappuccino.

      That being said, I have yet to go to Decca 77, but have heard it is also excellent.

      1. Renoir at Sofitel offers a lunch Table d'hote, and if food is as good a dinner time, it should be a great place for lunch

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        1. re: westaust

          I had a late lunch at the Renoir around 2 and they were out of just about everything, so go early if you take this option.

        2. I second the vote for la Montée. The staff is knowledgeable and makes one feel at ease. I enjoyed their wine recommendations, and 3$ for a dessert is a real steal!

          1. we had milos the other day and it was pretty good.

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            1. re: hala

              I second Milos. As long as no one in your group has a seafood/fish allergy (though they do have a few meat options) Milos has a lovely weekday lunch special, really terrific food, and a classy atmosphere. Busy, though.