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Is Sushikazu in Blue Bell open for business..........

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I have been trying for days to call and make a reservatioin for Wed (tomorrow) night for dinner. No one ever answers except for an answering machine which is ALWAYS full.
I made arrangements to meet someone there for dinner - But, I'm afraid they are not open. Does anyone know what is going on there? Thanks

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  1. I drove by last Friday night and was surprised that lights were out.

    It would be a shame if they've folded, but I'm frankly surprised that a place so small has lasted so long.


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      No, Sushikazu has been closed for a few months now.

      The story I heard is that they were well behind with their fish vendor and were told that if they didn't pay in full they wouldn't be getting any more deliveries.

      Frankly, I can't say I'm disappointed. As many of you know, I used to be a champion of theirs, but the last few meals that I had were less than stellar. I've been more than satisfied with my new favorites Cho Cho San and Umai.

      1. re: mitchh

        Where are Cho Cho San and Umai??

        1. re: mitchh

          Thanks, mitchh
          We have always gone to Blue Fin and were wanting to find a "new" place to go. - Not too far from that area/location
          Where are Cho Cho San and Umai located? Thanks

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            Well....I hadn't dined there for a few years. But when my dad lived in Normandy Estates in the 90's, it was his favorite place - along with Cho Cho San. Sorry that they met with constraints of the times.


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              Cho Cho San is near Five Points in Montgomeryville off of North Wales Road.

              Umai is in North Wales off of Church Road.

              Cho Cho San has one of the largest selection of rolls of any sushi restaurant I have been to and their prices are very good. I'm not a huge fan of their sashimi though.

              Umai is as good as any CC sushi restaurant and is a bit pricier than Cho Cho San. They have some premium items that Cho Cho does not have (Scotish salmon, bluefin otoro) and it's much nicer atmosphere for dining in.

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                Thanks mitchh. Can you rec any other sushi places on the West side of Blue Bell (Collegeville/Skippack/Limerick/Pottstown)? I know you usually have good recs, and although I've been searching the boards, it seems as though a lot of places have closed.... Thanks!

                1. re: becky315

                  Becky, sorry but I can't help you there.

                  Forgive me if I am mistaking you for someone else, but weren't you a big fan of Bon Jung?

                  1. re: mitchh

                    Never been to Bon Jung - I guess maybe we should give it a try! Thanks for the feedback :)

                    1. re: becky315


                      Sorry I must have been mistaking you for someone else. Take it for what it's worth, but I would not recommend Bon Jung. I used to be a loyal customer of theirs before moving to Blue Bell, but felt that their quality dropped dramatically. However, I haven't been there in literally a year, so maybe they got their act together.

                      1. re: mitchh

                        I am a little sad that you forgot to mention the fish bone this time!

                        1. re: Kater


                          I'll bet you are. Lucky for everyone, you brought up the fact that I found one in my hand roll

                          I was trying to give one of your favorites the benefit of the doubt that they may have gotten better. Amazingly enough instead of stating how good you think it is, the great fan of Bon Jung that you are decided to bring up a major negative about it (I've been to dozens of sushi places and that was the ONLY time I have ever experienced such a thing). Way to promote one of your favorites! (where's that roll eyes smiley when you really need it?)

                          1. re: mitchh


                            Now all is right in the world!

                            1. re: Kater

                              Nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy since you brought it up, Kater.

                              Like I said I was trying to give the place the benefit of the doubt that it might have improved since my last vist a year ago. Had YOU not brought it up it wouldn't have been mentioned at all. Again, way to promote one of your favorite places. I'm sure that if Greg reads this board (and I know he used to), he's tickled pink that one of his fans brought up such a negative experience.

                              I guess what still boggles my mind is why you feel it is such a big deal that I mentioned it in other threads where Bon Jung was discussed. People come here looking for opinions of restaurants. Are we only supposed to comment if we have something positive to say? Was I in the wrong to report a very significant negative experience that happened in the exact same manner as I do when reporting glowing meals that I had there (and look back, I posted plenty of good reviews of Bon Jung)? I'm quite curious how you would react if you had a similar experience and just how quiet you'd be about it.

                              In the end, my guess is that has more to do with posting something negative about one of your favorite sushi joints than anything else.

                              1. re: mitchh

                                I find your posts remarkable, that's all.

                                1. re: Kater


                                  Only things remarkable in this thread is you beating a dead horse and giving one of your favorite places bad press.

                                  Anyway, on topic before this thread is locked down since the OPs question was answered, yes Sushikazu is closed. Hopefully it won't be too long before a good sushi restaurant opens there.

                                  1. re: mitchh

                                    It is amazing how some people go on.

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                    Close to Blue Bell is East Cuisine. Other chowhounds have praised their sushi but I always seem to be in the mood for something steaming hot. Had a late lunch there last week and our food came out blindingly fast. Plus the flat screen tv was turned off. If you go, check out the sushi clock by the front door.

                    1. re: givemecarbs


                      I tried East, but I was less than impressed. It was okay, but, IMO, not nearly as good as the two I mentioned above.

              2. re: mitchh

                well. I am a little sorry to hear that. I loved those tuna balls of theirs! I'm also sorry to see a long standing local business go out. However, I agree that their quality wasn't up to the old standard and the prices were a little high.

                1. re: jujuthomas


                  The Japanese tuna balls were outstanding, I agree. However, a great replacement are the spicy salmon balls at Umai! :)

                  1. re: mitchh

                    we'll have to check Umai out... that's right near the septa tracks on church right? in that shopping center? i used to work for Merck right there, but never went to Umai. d'oh! lol

            2. Very sad to hear that Sushikazu closed. We only went there once and kept meaning to get back there. Another good place we have tried is Osaka in Towamencin (Lansdale) close to the Lansdale Exit of the Northeast Extension. Very fresh sushi and service is also good. I chose a cocktail that I absolutely hated and the waitress brought me something else and did not charge for the drink, which I found to be most accomodating and will remember when recommending this place to others

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                Just an update. As I was on 202 passing the restaurant formerly known as Sushikazu I noticed the door of the restaurant was open and contractor type people going in and out.

                1. re: mitchh

                  thanks for the info - wonder what's going in... :)

                    1. re: mitchh

                      I drove by again today and there is a banner outside. The only thing I could make out from the car was "opening soon".

                      1. re: mitchh

                        Above opening soon is "Under New Management". This leads me to believe that this will be the third owner for the restaurant named Sushikazu. Let's see just how soon, soon is.

                        1. re: mitchh

                          Sushikazu will become Yama. It's moving over from Horsham. http://is.gd/4Xe4Y

                          1. re: Michael Klein


                            Thanks for that information. Will the location at 202 and 73 be called Yama or continue as Sushikazu?

                            I have never dined at Yama, but I hope that it's at least on par with local places like Umai, Cho Cho San and East.

                            1. re: mitchh

                              I drove by Sushikazu (or whatever it will be called) yesterday. It looks like the new owners took down whatever the previous owner(s) had on the windows as you can now see inside.

                              Aside from that, no idea of when they will be opening. I was hoping that it would be before the holidays but I would venture to guess that it won't be until after the 1st of the year at this point.

                              1. re: mitchh

                                I have been to Yama in Horsham and don't love it. It's not bad, but the roles are HUGE (too big) and I just don't think it is up to par with Cho Cho San, Blue Fin, or Ooka. We have only been there twice and always opt to go to one of the other places I mentioned (or Fuji in North Wales). I wonder if a new sushi place will open in Horsham? Anyone know?

                                1. re: Jen516

                                  Bruce, the first owner, sold years ago to move to VA. Back in town, opened Misso in Center CIty. Then heard that Sushikazu on market. Teased Bruce if he is considering buying it. No comment from Bruce. In the Inquirer Food section today, there is an announcement of grand opening, page F7. Grand opening is 1/6. Phone number is 610-272-7767. Don't know if the new owner is Bruce.

                                  1. re: gerrod

                                    Per Michael Klein's post above, the new owner is not Bruce, but the former owner of Yama in Horsham.

                                    While I am quite certain that Bruce would love to come back "home", he has way too much invested in Misso to even consider it.

                                    Thanks for that info about January 6 though. I take it that the place will still be called Sushikazu? The phone number you listed is the same phone number that Sushikazu had.

                                    I just hope that it's on par with my current favorites, Umai and Fuji.

                                    1. re: mitchh

                                      It appears that Sushikazu did open last night and will be keeping the name. I plan on getting takeout from there on Friday night and will post a review afterwards.

                                      1. re: mitchh

                                        I'm looking forward to reading your impressions!

                                        1. re: jujuthomas

                                          Probably not as forward as I am looking to eat there! :)

                                          From 202 I can see that they've made some changes inside. The new ownership took down whatever was in the windows so you can now actually see in the restaurant. I suspect from the inside that will make the place appear to be larger.

                                          I'll probably stop by there around lunchtime and grab a menu so I can give everyone a preview from that.

                                          1. re: mitchh

                                            Has anyone been yet? Was considering going tonight.

                                            1. re: gerrod

                                              I posted a review in a new thread. The short answer is I wouldn't recommend it.

                                              1. re: mitchh


                                                Did you end up going? If so, please post a review.