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Oct 6, 2009 06:31 AM

Best Yet Markets

anyone Familiar with this small supermarket chain?

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  1. They have good produce at very good prices and a good deli dept.

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    1. re: TooLooseLaTrek

      Great crusty breads,as well as olives ,cheese and pork bellies ,tails, ears .The managers and staff seem to care .I'm there several times a week

        1. re: scunge

          Does this have to do with Best brands? That is a store brand like Masters Choice that they sell in Westchester at Turcos. The logo is the same.

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              Their house product is called Best Yet, not just Best. Used to be Produce Warehouse, but I guess they wanted more of a supermarket image. I shop there every week, best prices you can find on produce, dairy, cold cuts, their sale prices are always half the price of the other chains. Their meat is always on the low end too, I never worry about paying too much. Bakery dept, the breads and pastries are brought in from Arthur Ave and Brooklyn daily. They get their fresh fish from Brewsters in Hampton Bays and it is much fresher than the usual supermarket crap. Lately they've even been carrying whole head-on brazzini and the like. And I especially like their huge supply of canned ethnic and exotic stuff that I would have to go to Nassau County or the city for otherwise. Sort of dumpy and crowded, but maybe that's part of their marketing plan, the employees are really nice, as is the owner (that's him on the top of the weekly flyer). I sound like I'm connected with them, but I'm not, I just love shopping there. I would be miserable if they disappeared.

        2. I peruse their weekly flyer and usually find a few items. Fresh produce, small olive bar, limited fish Dept., frequently very good deals on their own line of dairy. I like the store. No problem to return anything not to your liking. Very helpful friendly staff. I shop at the Hicksville Long Island location.