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Oct 6, 2009 05:27 AM

Lunch in Greenville, SC

Can anyone recommend where to have a casual lunch in Greenville, SC? I searched the archives, but didn't find anything.

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  1. Two Chefs and Saffron's Sidewalk Cafe are very casual but good (Both are order at the counter, Two Chefs is not open on Saturday.) Saffron's make a mean burger and I always get the salad sampler at Two Chefs.

    Chicora Alley is one of my favorites. The (amazing) nachos, shrimp tacos, conch fritters, and roast chicken burrito are all delicious.

    I also like Blue Ridge Brewing Co. for lunch. Their buffalo burger is pretty great and I really like their outdoor seating along the sidewalk.

    1. I like Chicora Alley as well (sort of carribbean) I also like Murasake at Cherrydale (sit at the sushi bar) Pita House if you want hummus, etc. Island Blend downtown for decent Jamaican. Doc Chey is not bad, Pizza at Whole Foods is good.

      Where do you want to be? Downtown or elsewhere?

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        Thanks. Location doesn't really matter. I just don't want fancy.

        1. re: kjen

          ok. well if "not fancy" is your main concern, you picked the right town to have lunch in ;-)

          just kidding, I know what you mean. Unfortunately, casual atmosphere yet excellent food is not what Greenville does well. None of the places I mentioned about are fancy. Murasake is the only one that might give you an unusally good meal, the rest are fine though.

          1. re: danna

            Adams Bistro on Pelham Road is great. Big variety.
            Corporate Deli on Pelham Road is more deli, but also very good. Also like Napoli and Olympian on Woodruff Road.

        1. I have to recommend Karrie's Deli and Pub at University Square - past Cherrydale heading towards Furman University - next to Publix and McDonald's. They have GREAT sandwiches and sides, all made to order and half a sandwich and a side is plenty! Karrie makes the food and Gina takes your order and greets you with a smile. They have a variety of breads and vegetarian choices and daily specials. Their Reubens are also to die for! Locals are always there at lunch and that says a lot - I crave the Wilson - a roast beef with bleu cheese toasted. The macaroni salad is good as are all of the sides - you can even get a side of fresh fruit. French Onion Soup and Split Pea are the only other soups I've tried and would put them up against any place I've eaten. You place your order in a line then sit at a table or the bar 'til they bring you your food. I don't think you will be disappointed unless you are looking for a dining experience - good food is what you get at this small place. I shop at Publix next door a lot and have a hard time not going over to Karrie's for something!