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Oct 6, 2009 04:37 AM

Any clever ideas for a Halloween Brunch?

I'm doing it for neighbors and I want it all done ahead of time, just a few things to reheat in the morning. I would love one or more clever "spooky" dishes/punches. I threw away my old Martha Stewarts...any ideas? Thanks!!!!

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  1. A pumpkin soup served from a hollowed out baked pumpkin.

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    1. re: todao

      Or, you could fill the pumpkin with mac and cheese and then bake...

    2. You can do the blood red punch with the hand sticking out. Freeze water in a plastic glove & then peel it off & put in punch bowl--maybe some dry ice. Also, make that "dirt cake" that uses crushed oreos or chocolate wafer for the top & put worms & tombstones all over the top.

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        1. Bloody marys or if you don't drink maybe a red colored smoothie in test tubes. Muffins, pudding, anything that can be topped with meringue or cream or frosting (preferably white) with small eyeballs near the top so they look ghostly. Some kinf of fried fritters can look like spider webs esp if you garnish with fake spiders. A baked french toast with a light orange glaze. Pastries or breads with powdered sugar dusting over a stencil in Halloween shapes (bats, witches etc)

          Or to make it even simpler, festive settings and table decorations will give you that Halloween vibe!

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            You can make spiderwebs from melted chocolate, just put in a ziploc or pastry bag, using a tiny tip, and pipe out design on waxed or parchment paper, then freeze. Use to garnish cupcakes, cheesecake, etc.

            Some of these suggestions are cool, but don't know if you're looking for gory or cutesy.

          2. Cheesecake with a knife sticking out the middle and raspberry sauce oozing from the wound.