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Paris- Restaurant recommendations in Saint Germain des Pres

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I will be traveling to Paris from NYC with my sister in three weeks, we consider ourselves to be "foodies" and are looking forward to dining out in Paris more than anything, however, we don't want to go broke! We will be staying in an apartment in the Saint Germain des Pres area and would appreciate any good restaurant recommendations for dinner( we don't mind traveling) I prefer to dine at restaurants offering a prefixe(3-4 course menu) and could spend between 25 to 35 Euros a person). Thanks in advance for your help:)

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  1. La Ferrandaise has a three course menu for €32. A Parisian friend and I ate there last week, and the portions were plentiful and very well prepared. I had a puy lentil salad that was memorable, plus perfectly cooked duck. L'Epi Dupin also does a dinner for about the same price. These two are in the 6th, but if you don't mind travelling (and you shouldn't fear that), I'm sure you'll get a lot of other suggestions.

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      You should also find some nice suggestions, some in the 5th, some in the 6th, is this recent thread:

      If you like soufflés, try La Cigale Récamier, Rue Récamier, 7th off Rue de Sèvres, M° Sèvres-Babylone.

      Another place would be Le Pré Verre.

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        I have always liked Aux Fins Gourmets for the old-fashioned bistro dishes but have not gone recently.

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          All of the above are quite nice recs but I'll repeat my plea; one can be almost anywhere in Paris in 20-40 minutes by Metro, why limit yourself.

          BTW, if it's a warm day go to La Cigale Récamier and sit in the alley; wonderful!

          John Talbott

    2. My husband and I ate at Le Petit Bordelais at 22 rue Surcouf in the 7th in May. The chef received a Michelin star at his former restaurant. The two of us ate for 95 euros, including a glass of wine for me. His prix fixe meal was 30 euros and mine was a tasting menu (wonderful) for 45 euros. The chef came out to talk to us before we left and the evening was great. Highly recommend it.

        1. I second La Ferrandaise which was excellent near the Luxembourg Gardens. Also you have La Bastide but that is slightly north of what you are hoping to pay.

          1. Les Papilles on Gay Lussac at St. Jacques in the 5th, a pleasant walk from St. Germain. http://www.lespapillesparis.fr/ Four courses at an amazing 31€, or tailor a smaller meal by choosing two or three courses. Reservations absolutely mandatory as they turn away dozens of would-be diners nightly. .

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              I just reread LA1PP's original and think mageur has hit the "not go broke" criterion spot-on. Les Papilles would be it.

            2. The old-time bistro Allard is one of my favorites. I go there for dinner every time I'm in Paris. I'm going this weekend! Also, Roger la Grenouille.

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              1. I think the key to your request is wrapped up in (we don't mind traveling), as to my mind SGDP is a difficult area in which to find an abundance of quality, inexpensive restaurants. John Talbott's 1st commandment is "Thou shalt not be afraid to travel", which is a golden rule for the restaurant scene in Paris. The 15th probably has more little places with good chefs turning out quality meals at bargain prices than any other arrondissement at this time...Au Gout Dujour, Jadis, Court Bouillon, Cristal de Sel, Afaria, Grand Pan, La Veraison are just a few that come to mind.

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                  Aside from the fact that I am not immune to flattery, Laidback has hit on it; the 15th is the new 11th. Get your Navigo or Velib at the ready - Go!

                  John Talbott (from the deepest/darkest 19th today)

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                    There is something to be said about being able to walk home after a nice dinner. The walk just extends the pleasure of the evening.
                    On the other hand, if one lives in St German and wants to walk home after dinner, the restaurant choices easily encompass the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th of course and 7th.

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                      I agree with you. And women often do not want to be travelling around Paris at night in the dark (I won't comment on whether this is warranted or not). My dinner companion walked back to his apartment in the 3rd after our meal in the 6th - and he is not a youngster!

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                        I can beat that.
                        A friend walked from my place in the deepest 18th to his place in the Marais and does it regularly.
                        This is not the place to discuss safety but there's nowhere in Paris in which I do not feel safe (and look at my photo), excepting maybe around Notre Dame when the crowds close in.

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                          The pleasure of walking home after a splendid dinner…
                          After a major pigout tonight at L'Ami jean in the 7th, we walked home to the 9th (northeast of the old Opera house). A great dinner followed by a walk across the Seine into all the lights of pont Alexandre III and Concorde. Nearly forgot the Eiffel Tower. On a night like this I fall in love with Paris all over again.

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                            We often find ourselves walking home through the Caroussel de Louvre at 11pm or 12am with the sweet light show on the Tour Eiffel that takes place on the hour after dark. If you are out and about with a view, do look up. It is lovely, a spangled twinkle of gold and silver. Indeed a reason to "fall in love again" with Paris or otherwise.

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                            John, that's because you don't spend much time in the rich residential neighborhoods of the 16th and 8th. That's where you're not safe.

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                              I'm in your age range, John, and feel quite safe, even on my own, in Paris, London (we live south of there) or my former NY. Women probably grow up with a few more thoughts to safety, and it definitely pays to have some street smarts. We probably all watch too many movies!