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Franks Red Hot Buffulo Sauce......

Just bought some today....What should I expect? Tangy? Vinagry? Spicy??? I hope not, as I hate spicy....

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  1. Artificial. I bought some with high hopes and I found it to be nasty. You're better off with the original Frank's Red Hot and butter.

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      We love it and we love wings!!!! But yes... it is spicy! (???) We add some butter to it and then toss it with wings we cook perfectly on a charcoal grill. They taste fried and are totally delicious! With blue cheese and celery...yum! Just another opinion...

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        Tangy and vinagry with some background "heat"...

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          I just want to clarify that I meant Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce - the prepared, ready-to-go version, not Frank's Red Hot sauce, which I love, and use, with butter, for wings at least once a week.

      2. If you're not a spicy person, you might try cutting the sauce with ketchup or bbq sauce. (Hoisin, maybe? I hate to rec that w/out trying it.)

        But it's also possible to just go very, very lightly on the Franks. (I'm in the "don't bother w/it" camp - we prefer Louisiana Hot Sauce and butter.)

        1. If you hate spicy, why are you buying hot sauce?

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            Yeah, I'd be pretty disappointed if a sauce with "Red Hot" in the name wasn't at all spicy.

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              Franks Red Hot is the name brand. I'm hoping to find a buffalo sauce that is more tangy than hot. Do you have any imput on this particular sauce?

          2. I mean BUFFALO....Excuse the spelling mistake...

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              What you want is a sauce for wings, not a buffalo wing sauce. Well maybe a chinese style sauce might be what you want. There are tons of recipes for wings on the net. Search and you will find.

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                I am with horseshow on this one. if you are needing a jarred sauce there are some out there. I noticed a few at Whole Foods a few weeks ago, and I have even seen Hooters jarred in mild and hot varieties.

                Personally, you are best to make your own as it is easy to control the heat and you have a whopping two ingredient list: hot sauce (of some variety or home made) and butter. Ghee would be a nice alternative.

                If you are wanting wings and do not care for spicy, try other flavors of wings. I like to make a large variety on the grill adding sauces at the end of the grilling cycle, adding several layers to char into the bird.

                Try these: orange marmalade/ butter (I add cayenne for heat), bbq (hopefully home made), terriyaki, tikka masala, green coconut curry, tandoor (yogurt with spices), miso glaze, ponzu, samjang, pesto, mole even a sauce robert... or any other numerous sauces you might not consider for a wing makes them delightfully special. Why limit yourself to butter and tabasco?

                A friend of mine simmers the raw wings in his sauces, the deep fries, then sauces again and then grills. Talk about flavor packed! I just grill and layer.

            2. Anything called "Buffalo Sauce" will be spicy in the same way that Tabasco is spicy. They are all made with hot peppers.

              1. Allright. Went ahead and opened the jar. I used it as a dip with chicken fingers (I should also point out that I'm hungover, so this sounded like a brilliant idea). Def on the spicy side, but I am also a HUGE wimp. I liked the taste, though. And after the fourth or fifth bite, I really didn't notice the heat as much. I wish I could find one a tad milder, but all in all, am pretty happy with Franks.

                1. This recipe has become a staple at our house. I always have some made and everyone requests this when we're invited to a potluck. I use all ranch and mozzerella instead of blue cheese. I find shredded rotissierie chicken works really well. Oh and double the recipe-it's never enough if you make it as is. It's really good with veggies, tortilla chips, potato chips, bread, or by the spoonful. :)


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                      that dip is always a hit at anything we make it for, I brought it to work for something and it lasted literally 15 minutes before it was gone.

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                        yep, here too- I don't know how many times I've given the recipe out or emailed the link. I ALWAYS double or triple it, it goes so fast.

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                        We did something similar for the Super Bowl, kept the blue cheese and added fresh jalapenos & serranos. I think we also put cheddar and sriracha. There were people making sandwiches out of it!