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Oct 6, 2009 04:02 AM

Franks Red Hot Buffulo Sauce......

Just bought some today....What should I expect? Tangy? Vinagry? Spicy??? I hope not, as I hate spicy....

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  1. Artificial. I bought some with high hopes and I found it to be nasty. You're better off with the original Frank's Red Hot and butter.

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    1. re: almansa

      We love it and we love wings!!!! But yes... it is spicy! (???) We add some butter to it and then toss it with wings we cook perfectly on a charcoal grill. They taste fried and are totally delicious! With blue cheese and celery...yum! Just another opinion...

      1. re: care11

        Tangy and vinagry with some background "heat"...

        1. re: care11

          I just want to clarify that I meant Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce - the prepared, ready-to-go version, not Frank's Red Hot sauce, which I love, and use, with butter, for wings at least once a week.

      2. If you're not a spicy person, you might try cutting the sauce with ketchup or bbq sauce. (Hoisin, maybe? I hate to rec that w/out trying it.)

        But it's also possible to just go very, very lightly on the Franks. (I'm in the "don't bother w/it" camp - we prefer Louisiana Hot Sauce and butter.)

        1. If you hate spicy, why are you buying hot sauce?

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          1. re: horseshoe

            Yeah, I'd be pretty disappointed if a sauce with "Red Hot" in the name wasn't at all spicy.

            1. re: Humbucker

              Franks Red Hot is the name brand. I'm hoping to find a buffalo sauce that is more tangy than hot. Do you have any imput on this particular sauce?

          2. I mean BUFFALO....Excuse the spelling mistake...

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            1. re: schrutefarms

              What you want is a sauce for wings, not a buffalo wing sauce. Well maybe a chinese style sauce might be what you want. There are tons of recipes for wings on the net. Search and you will find.

              1. re: horseshoe

                I am with horseshow on this one. if you are needing a jarred sauce there are some out there. I noticed a few at Whole Foods a few weeks ago, and I have even seen Hooters jarred in mild and hot varieties.

                Personally, you are best to make your own as it is easy to control the heat and you have a whopping two ingredient list: hot sauce (of some variety or home made) and butter. Ghee would be a nice alternative.

                If you are wanting wings and do not care for spicy, try other flavors of wings. I like to make a large variety on the grill adding sauces at the end of the grilling cycle, adding several layers to char into the bird.

                Try these: orange marmalade/ butter (I add cayenne for heat), bbq (hopefully home made), terriyaki, tikka masala, green coconut curry, tandoor (yogurt with spices), miso glaze, ponzu, samjang, pesto, mole even a sauce robert... or any other numerous sauces you might not consider for a wing makes them delightfully special. Why limit yourself to butter and tabasco?

                A friend of mine simmers the raw wings in his sauces, the deep fries, then sauces again and then grills. Talk about flavor packed! I just grill and layer.

            2. Anything called "Buffalo Sauce" will be spicy in the same way that Tabasco is spicy. They are all made with hot peppers.