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Oct 6, 2009 02:56 AM

Bermuda Gombey Hot Pepper Jam

When i was in Bermuda this summer i had the pleasure of trying Gombey Pepper Jam from this home-grown business sampling and selling their wares at the local tourist street fairs. i came across them more than once during my trip and they were actually two very nice guys, both school teachers, one of them a trained chef.

i am bummed out because i am craving that jam lately but since i forgot to pack the jars i bought inside my check-in luggage, they were confiscated by airport security. drat! i can just picture those guards savoring my Tropical Storm jam on their lunch break.

luckily, security let me keep the sampler pack, as those little bottles were under 3 oz and ha! i made my friend in Manhattan open his Bermuda souvenir "gift" during my visit just so i could have some again, lol. Tropical Storm flavor was my favorite. the flavors are all named after storm weather elements, according to how hot they are, and fittingly, my friend and i had a blast sampling all the flavors in the pack after a huge NY summer storm. we bought some stoned wheat crackers and cream cheese, and broke out the Franciscan wine i brought him from California to wash it down.

anyway, the business seemed to be going places (they said they were working on distribution in stores here in LA), but their website states that the jams are not yet available, even for shipment overseas.

i would certainly recommend that anybody going to Bermuda go to any of the local fairs to find the Bermuda Gombey Pepper Jam guys and sample the deliciousness (you can tell them hello from emmi). but right now i am desperately craving some hot pepper jam. it's 2:30 am and i would totally run out right now to get some, if anything was open.

has anybody tried the Gombey Pepper jam? have you found anything similar here? do you have a favorite brand available in / local to US/Los Angeles?

mentioned link:

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  1. thanks for the link..will get some next time. My cabinet is full of Outerbridges Sherry Peppers. I used to love that stuff.

    1. Hi there,

      I just came across your piece after a Google search. I unfortunately have no info for you on pepper jam. Sorry about that.

      I, myself, am trying to find a source for fresh red peppers that grow wild everywhere in Bermuda. I received a sample of these in 1992. I've been trying grow these in the states of and on since then, without much success. They grow green, and ripen red on the bush. They are extremely hot, but with real flavor. I've heard that the locals in Bermuda don't eat them. Supposedly they are too hot! They are hotter than the habanero!

      I would like to identify them botanically, and purchase them from a source in Bermuda. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

      I will try the link you supplied to the Bermuda Jam Factory, and will keep you apprised if I have any luck in my search.

      Thank you very much for your link.

      Big Ron

      1. Well Bermuda Jam lovers so glad you enjoy, i am luckly enough not only to know the guys who make the jam, but I also live in Bermuda...I tested a few creations using the Jam, the last 3 receipes on the website are mine...I also make a killer sugar cookie with Easy Breeze, at Christmas they come out with a Holiday Jam that is killer with baked ham.

        Big Ron the only pepper my husband can remember are small red round peppers and hot as hell...he said Bermuda Sherry Peppers, but I am growing Sherry peppers and they are not round....he just can't recall the name right now....Let me ask a friend who is a farmer and get back to you.

        I am sorry I have no clue who sells Bermuda Pepper Jam in the States

        1. Hey I know these guys!

          I thought they were kinda funny looking wearing their pink shorts and all, but boy do they ever tell a good story. And their product is awesome!

          I bought their hot pepper jam when I was in Bermuda over the summer and it blew my mind. Honestly I’ve never had anything like it before or since. I have tried cooking with the stuff, and love the recipes they have on their site, but I’m just happy to eat it with crackers or straight with rum shooters. Especially the Storm Surge flavour. It is just the right amount of hot, while also balancing the other flavours in the jam. Its fantastic!

          So I don’t know why you’re having trouble ordering their jam. Just go to their website and they will ship the stuff to your door. I live in Canada and had no problem getting my shipments. You have to order a minimum of 6 jars for shipping, but that is totally understandable right. I went in with my buddies, and we’ve ordered twice now!

          This is their on-line store if you are having trouble finding it:

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          1. re: Christiano

            Thanks for the information. i'm a great lover of pepper jams. I just got my order delivered and that jam is awesome! My favourite is the mango habanero pepper jam. It's called Tropical Storm. There is a great recipe for grilled salmon on their site and I can't wait to try it. We live in the States and the shipping was very reasonable.

          2. I found this picture of them too ;)