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Oct 6, 2009 02:00 AM

London - 3 day dining binge!

I will be heading to London next month for three days to do a small amount of business and large amount of eating! I will be arriving Thursday morning and leaving Sunday afternoon.
As mentioned earlier, I can not visit London without going to Hereford Road for lunch. I also plan to take a train to the Sportsman in Whitstable for Saturday lunch. Other than that I would very much appreciate some lunch and dinner recommendations.
I've been to Arbutus, St. John, Bocca di Lupo, Le Cafe Anglais and Pied a Terre and whilst I enjoyed them all would rather try somewhere new.
Many thanks,

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  1. Make certain you try the Harwood Arms in Fulham it is the other happening pub in the UK at the moment. Similar, but also quite different to the Sportsman. I highly recommend trying these back to back. It would also be interesting to do a compare and contrast between Hereford Road and The Harwood, IMO the Harwood will edge it.

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      Cheers Phil, I'll let know how I get on

      1. re: Patricko

        The Harwood Arms is a big recommend the cooking is top notch and if you like venison or other game you are in for a real treat. Its so good it deserves Michelin recognition
        We enjoyed the food more than Hereford Road although do go and take one of the booths right next to the kitchen and have a natter with the chef Tom Pemberton.
        The Sportsman is terrific and if you order the tasting menu chef Stephen Harris will serve it to you personally
        Your in for tasty tour!

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          I will definitely be checking out The Harwood Arms. I also plan to try Wild Honey this time.
          My better half likes the idea of getting glammed up and having a nice cocktail before dinner. Any suggestions that might earn me some serious brownie points!!?

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            Enjoyed an excellent few days in London and ate very well most of the the time. Sadly didn't get to eat at The Harwood Arms as they were jammed but will definitely make it when I'm back in the new year.
            We had another superbly simple lunch in Hereford Road. Calves brains with tartare sauce followed by grilled lemon sole with caper butter. My girlfriend had skate cheeks with a lovely accompaniment of thinly sliced kohlrabi enlivened with a delicious warm dressing made from olive oil, capers and lemon juice. For mains she chose a spanking fresh piece of thick plaice served with fried cauliflower. There is no where to hide with food this pared back and the quality of the produce and cooking were first class.
            Other highlights were the fantastic signature pig's head and rabbit loin dishes in Arbutus, a superb whole partridge in Bocca di Lupo and beautifully cooked lamb saddle in L'Autre Pied.
            The main event however was a jaunt to the coast for lunch at the The Sportsman. This place has been reviewed to death so I'll spare you the usual "middle of nowhere" into. Once you get there, the welcome is warm and friendly and a nice pint of Shepherd's Neame before lunch hit the spot perfectly. We both odered their famous crab risotto to sart. Suffice it to say that everything which has been written about this dish is true. It has the most incredible depth of flavour and was the risotto against which all future risotto shall be judged! Mains were equally impressive in their simplicity and execution. Braised turbot for me, grilled thornback ray with cockles for herself. The very freshest of fish expertly cooked with simple garnishes and all the better for it. We finished with deep filled, rich chocolate tart with tangerine ice cream. The pastry was short and crisp and filling somewhere between ganache and a mousse. Absolutely stunning.
            Overall, it was a very enjoyable few days and I look forward to returning once my waistband has reduced back down!

            1. re: Patricko

              Thanks so much for the lengthy review. I feel so lucky to live only an hour from the Sportsman. I dream about that risotto.

            2. re: Patricko

              Cocktails and dinner combo...try Galvin at Windows or Skylon.