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Oct 5, 2009 11:55 PM

Hand Mixer Reassurement

Hello, all. I am trying my BEST not to be tempted into buying a standmixer-- especially the 300$ lovely cuisinart/vikings that provide 800+ wattage power.

But I cant help BUT think that maybe the hand mixer alone just wont be sufficient enough.

Just a little bit of background info about me:

I'm not MUCH of a baker-- I rather spend my time, preparing and aging cheeses and meats, HOWEVER I certainly wouldnt MIND indulging in a little bit of homemade cake, pie, or cookies every now and then. And I also hope to do artisan bread--by which of course I want to knead by hand-- to get the "feel" of the dough right.

So my question to you all is-- am I just avoiding the inevitable? I mean I hear in SOME recipes it calls for the mixer to be run for 15 MINUTES straight, and that is a little tiring to do that. So PLEASE be honest with me hear. WHAT exactly CAN I get away with with a hand-mixer, and for what creations do I absolutely, no-doubt need a stand mixer for?
With everything so costly and technological today I wonder how our grandfathers and grandmothers even survived baking without all this stuff we have today.

thanx all!

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  1. I NEVER bake but use my KA stand mixer (I bought a refurbished one through Amazon for well under $200 with a full warranty) for grinding all sorts of meat and making pasta. I made baguettes once and used the mixer. I use my immersion blender for small jobs. Haven't used my hand mixer since I got these other two items (approx. $200 for both of them).

    1. For homemade cookies and cakes I think a hand mixer is fine. That's all I have. I'm not a huge baker, but I make cookies or cakes a couple times a month. The time I miss a stand mixer is when I want to do meringue cookies which require beating for 5-10 minutes. I'd love to be able to walk away! But it hasn't been worth it to me to spend the money and then try to figure out where to put the thing. (And I don't see THAT many recipes that call for such a long mixing time-- usually 2 minutes or so suffices)

      1. Pros

        Heavy mixtures - dough, pasta dough, etc.
        Attachments - meat grinder, sausage stuffer
        Beating ground meat to make burgers.
        Large capacity / quantities.
        Large spare stainless steel bowl


        Storage / counter space (+ tools)

        I would guestimate that over 50% of stand mixers never see the light of day.