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Oct 5, 2009 10:39 PM

Cupcake Decorating Videos

I've been making a lot of cupcakes lately, and my decorating is only so-so. When I pipe on frosting with a round or star tip, I end up with a mountain of frosting that is waaaaay too much (see first image below). I'm looking to learn how to make the frosting on top "flatter" so that it's still a swirl, but not a huge, overpowering mound of icing. (see second and third photos). I also want to learn how to do the piping in the final photo, which I guess is done with a frosting knife.

Are there any videos that will show me how to pipe on icing correctly? I've looked all over the internet and the ones I've found are terrible!

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  1. Have you looked on Youtube? IIRC there is one that shows how to apply the frosting with a palette knife from Magnolia Bakery.

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      I looked all through YouTube and it was tough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Chowser linked to a Magnolia Bakery video though... is that the one you were thinking of?

    2. I think part of it from picture 1 to picture 2 is the thickness of the frosting, with pic 1 being thicker. What type of frosting are you using?

      For the last one, this is a good video. It's better to start w/ more frosting and remove.

      You want the frosting on the thinner side. I like Magnolia cupcake's frosting recipe for that. Magnolia frosters in action:

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        Thanks! The frosting in picture one was WAY too thick, making it almost sickening. I want to make the icing much thinner so it doesn't stand up so high.

        I'm using standard buttercream, though I suppose I could use something else if it would work better.

        I'm also thinking of sticking two different colors in the same back to get a swirl effect. That should be pretty easy to do, I think.

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          For a good cupcake frosting, I like the magnolia bakery recipe:

          You could also do a meringue buttercream which is softer but more work. But, try the Magnolia one.

          I think it would be hard to fill the pastry bag easily with two colors, side by side. I'd try filling the bag in a tall cup and try to get half/half in--not near the bottom which would be difficult but a couple of inches up where it gets wider. Squeeze out the bottom portion. Another thing you could do for a swirl is to paint dye in parallel lines down the inside of the bag and add white frosting. It'll be swirled w/ white but is pretty.

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            Hey, that's a great idea with the paint. Kind of like how they would add a fruit syrup to frozen yogurt when I was a kid, and it just sort of left a color ribbon without coloring the entire thing. Thanks!

      2. 2nd pic: Make sure your icing is a good piping consistency- holds shape, but not too stiff. You can stick with a buttercream frosting recipe and use less pwd. sugar. If the frosting is not right, your technique will not matter.

        What size star tip did you use?

        3rd pic: This looks a lot like the rose cupcakes. Try tip 1M to make a swirl/rosette in the center of the cupcake and work your way outward.