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Oct 5, 2009 10:25 PM

Is it possible to get a bone-in strip (In California it's called a New York steak) for 2 or more people?

Is it possible to get a bone-in strip for 2 people. I know they do it for 2 and for 4 with Porterhouse. If possible, where? My wife and I annually go to Peter Luger's for their Porterhouse for 2, but I agree with other Chowhounds. The filet part has little flavor, but my wife likes it,

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  1. I know Knickerbocker's on University Place serves steak for 2 but not sure which cut. They try to imitate a San Francisco steakhouse. Haven't been there in ages but it was very good.

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    1. I think BLT Prime serves a bone-in strip for 2

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        BLT Steak does it too. As does porter house.

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          Thanks, we'll be staying at the Lombardy, very close to BLT Steak.