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Steakhouse for BF's Birthday - Primehouse, Quality Meats, Old Homestead?

I am trying to decide on a steakhouse for my boyfriend's birthday dinner and was hoping to get some help! We both love dry-aged steaks - preferably the rib-eye or new york strip cuts. Neither of us like filet mignons. We've been to the following steakhouses in the past:

Del Frisco - Amazing ribeye, quite possibly our favorite steakhouse in NY
Keens - One of our top 3 steakhouses for great steak and atmosphere
Strip House - Great interior and great strip steaks - one of our top 3.
Uncle Jack's - Tasty and often well cooked.
Sparks - Have been there a handful of times and thought the steaks were good but not amazing.
BLT Prime - Maybe because of high expectations, but experience there was underwhelming.
Ben & Jack's - Not very memorable though I think the porterhouse was pretty good. Decor felt outdated.
Frankie & Johnnie's - Inconsistent. Can be very good at times but also quite mediocre other times.
Capital Grille - Fine steakhouse but not one that I would return to when there are better options.
Craftsteak and Porter House - Both were mediocre at best when we went.

The BF has also been to Wolfgang's, Shula's, and Robert's.

We like to try a different steakhouse for his birthday each year so I'm considering Primehouse, Quality Meats, and Old Homestead. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! And if there are other places that I missed, please let me know!

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  1. Always preferred the original Angelo & Maxies on Park & around E. 17th. Very nice atmosphere. No atmosphere, cash only and only Porterhouse, Peter Luger's off Williamsburgh bridge on Bklyn side. Never cared for Smith & Wollensky's full or cafe.

    1. Peter Luger......no contest

      1. The elephant in the room is Peter Luger. According to popular opinion it is the best steakhouse in NYC and has been for the last few decades. They only serve porterhouses, but it's definitely worth visiting to try at least once. The decor is kind of laughable, the service tends to be gruff, the sides range from ok to mediocre, but the meat can be extraordinary at its best. When Peter Luger is on (and it can be somewhat inconsistent), their steak beats both Keens and Strip House, as well as the others on your list. Make sure to bring plenty of cash when you go as they do not take credit cards.

        I think Minetta Tavern might be the strongest contender for best steak along with Peter Luger. Their best cuts are the bone-in NY strip steak and the Côte de Boeuf for two with roasted marrow bones. The last NY Times restaurant critic called these the best steaks in NYC.

        1. We went to Quality Meats last xmas...........the bone marrow was awesome. Steaks were perfectly cooked. Another to consider is Gallaghers. It seemed kinda dirty and dingy last time I was there, but the steaks were killer and the service was entertaining as well as attentive. Its a fun place with great meat.

          1. I would honestly skip primehouse, I've found it to be second-rate at best. I've been to quality meats several times and each time the steak has been good, not great, but the sides were excellent.

            I have had some of the best steaks of my life at old homestead, and would recommend that. Although it's been a few years since I've been and have heard reports of inconsistency. But for my money, if choosing between the three, then I would always pick OH.

            If you both have not been to lugers, you may want to make that your next stop. otherwise Old Homestead.

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              We had a memorable meal at Spark's a couple months back; I'm sorry you were under-whelmed.

              If you haven't been to Old Homestead, by all means, go this time.

              I found the steak we had at Quality Meats was over-priced for what we got. I've also recently seen people complain of dry steaks there, on this board.

            2. I've had fantastic, perfectly cooked steak at Quality Meats on many occasions, but I've never ventured past the filet, so I don't know how well they do other cuts. But I've also found all the sides, desserts, etc, very good as well. They actually also do a really great job with the crab cakes and the jumbo shrimp cocktail. And I'd put their clam chowder up against Pearl Oyster Bar any day.

              1. Thanks for all the feedback! We've both been to Peter Luger's (though separately) and neither of us are fans. We recognize that their food can be quite delicious when cooked right (my steak unfortunately was served medium when I had ordered medium rare) but the service is enough of a turn off that we wouldn't particularly wish to return to for a special occasion. I think Primehouse is out now based on the reviews, so I'm trying to decide between Quality Meats and Old Homestead. Old Homestead seems like a safer bet in terms of the food, but Quality Meats has bone marrow!! =) Decisions, decisions.

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                  out of the 3 you listed, i would say Old Homestead. also, as hcbk mentioned, Minetta Tavern has bone marrow and is probably a better option than Quality Meats. Quality Meats was mediocre and i would put it in the same tier as Smith and Wollensky. The bread was the best part of the meal.

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                    Minetta Tavern actually sounds really good. The only problem is that they have no available reservations other than at 5:30pm or 10pm and after. I guess there is always the option of ordering from the bar.

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                      Obviously we all have opinions and individual experiences, but I've never had a mediocre meal at Quality Meats, and would not put it in the same category as S&W. Minetta Tavern is good, but be prepared for a loud and raucous atmosphere equivalent to eating in a bar.

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                      I'm surprised to hear lugers would cook their porterhouse to medium when you ordered medium rare. they're usually one step below, if i order med rare i get it rare, if i order rare, its basically still walking!

                    3. can understand your feeling about Peter Luger. Although the porterhouse is delicious, I wouldn't go there to celebrate a special occasion either. Yet I'm wondering why trying a new steakhouse trumps tried and true? You said you liked DelFrisco and Keens. Personally, I'm a big Keens fan and have always enjoyed the food, good service, and the comfortable atmosphere. Why not go to a place you know as you'll be sure to have a great bday celebration?