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Oct 5, 2009 08:17 PM

Sunday Night Chic???

Hi- will only be in town this Sunday 10/11, looking for a fantastic place to have dinner (that's not empty...) Any suggestions? There will be two of us.

In Chicago I've loved Avec and Mercat a la Plancha

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  1. Around the corner from Avec is Sepia. Great modern American cuisine in a fabulous room. On Sundays, wine under $90 are all half price.

    A few blocks east of Mercat is The Gage. Wonderful Irish gastropub serving creative comfort food. Always a good time.

    And of course, if you want a revisit, Avec has a few new Fall items on the menu. Enjoy.

    The Gage
    24 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

    123 North Jefferson St, Chicago, IL 60661