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Oct 5, 2009 08:00 PM

October 2009 Grocery Outlet

San Pablo

79 cents - 1.5 lb bag of small Bartlett pears (good)
99 cents - Cornish game hen (each)
99 cents - Box of Health Valley peanut butter bars
4.99 - Kettle brand potato chips, "create a chip challenge

Here's the previous report about the chips

AND for your holiday gift giving pleasure ....

9 can SPAM Musubi Gift Pack

It would make a great office gift exchange item if it wasn't so expensive ... a little over $17.

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  1. the san leandro store has Kashi microwave pouches, of a multi-grain mixture, that are quite good. has brown rice, rye, etc. $1.29. has 7 grams fiber per serving. they are located on a shelf over the frozen foods.

    1. I notice the GO threads have been getting less active over the past few months. (I haven't been in a GO in at least 2 months.) Is that because the economy is improving ?

      They've given their website a face lift, and this morning, I saw my first GO TV ad during the early morning news. I hope it doesn't mean their prices are going to go up.

      Anyway, I'm planning to go to RWC GO on Saturday to see what treasures pop up.

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      1. re: dump123456789

        Seriously, since they started advertising and sponsoring events the selection of great buys at great prices have plummetted. Some Einstein at GO just doesn't get what made them great.

        Maybe they picked up one of 'the best and brightest' former Wall Street exec at a bargain to direct the direction of the company

        If they do commercials they could get great play by spoofing some of their actual finds instead of that cheesey song which yes, I realize is name recognition, but that's all it does. it doesn't really lure someone who never shopped there.

        If they played to the quirkiness of the store and the former killer prices for great finds ... come on 50 cents for a box of top quality artisan cookies from England, organic yogurt as low as 25 cents .... etc ... they could have fun and maybe get people curious.

        However, now the breath-taking bargains get harder and harder to find. My New Year's resolution may be to drop GO from my rounds.

        1. re: rworange

          What events have they been sponsoring?

          1. re: sydthekyd

            Don't exacltly recall. The tv is mainly background noise while I'm working. I just know I start grumbling to myself everytime I hear "sponsored by Grocery Outlet". Some local events.

          2. re: rworange

            I doubt there's any corrolation of the advertising to the "plummeting" of products you find particularly noteworthy. In my experience, the stock at Grocery Outlet always fluctuates between having nothing I want to buy to a "regular" level to having a plethora of choices. For example for what seemed like months there was no decent yogurt (without HFCS or artificial sweeteners and excessive thickeners) and no butter at the Oakland store, and then in August there were several different brands/types of "good" yogurt. It all really depends on what's available on the close-out marketplace.

            This week, in addition to some of the things noted by other posters, the "find" was Larabar "Jamfrakas" organic "food bars" in several flavors. Although marketed for kids, they're just as appealing to an adult, with all-organic ingredients. Similar, in fact, to the Clif Nectar bars I like: based on dates and nuts, but also with brown rice crispies. They're small, but actually a better size for a healthy, not-too-caloric snack, and at $1.29 for a box of five, a pretty good deal.

        2. Tried the Kaweka Venison, labeled as "new Zealand venison braised in stock and red wine with mushrooms". No preservatives, 10 oz in shelf-stable packing, don't remember the price. Ingredients list looks fine. Includes soy sauce ahead of red wine, and that taste overtakes the flavor impression. I wouldn't buy it again. There are several other meals in the range, maybe another one is good.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I had a couple Kaweka products a while back. It was a little difficult to find the meat, and since there wasn't any starch or vegetables to bulk it up, it was mostly a serving of sauce.

            I was surprised to find quite a bit of interesting stuff at RC Saturday. I bought more non-food items than usual. Among the foodstuff:

            0.99 Veetee Indian entrees (single serving vaccum packed)
            0.99 DeCecco kamut spaghetti (1 lb)
            0.99 More Than Gourmet roasted vegetable demi-glace concentrate (1.5 oz)
            1.49 Haagen Dazs Hawaiian Lehua honey & sweet cream (pint)
            1.49 Haagen Dazs caramelized pear & toasted pecan (pint)
            1.99 Dove Irresistibly Raspberry ice cream (pint)
            1.99 Lindt cherry & chili 70% dark chocolate
            1.29 Hemp Dream hemp milk (32 oz)
            0.99 Imagine vegetable broth (32 oz)

            At SJ tonight, all the above except DeCecco and More Than Gourmet, plus:

            1.99 Tillamook walnut ice cream (half gallon)
            1.49 Stonyfield Farms Greek yogurt (4 single servings)
            1.49 DeCecco Napoletana pasta sauce (24 oz)

            1. re: dump123456789

              I always find many non-food items at GO. I like the prices, I hope I am getting a good deal.
              I got a hammock, cast-iron pan set and few other things.
              Last time I got some display cabinets.

              1. re: chowmeaow

                I've bought bathroom shelving units, magic eraser cleaning sponges, CFLs, LED night lights, gardening/BBQ/kitchen tools and more for prices significantly below Ikea, Target, BedBath&Beyond or Macy's even when those stores have end-of-season clearance sales with coupons. My biggest find was 5 piece restaurant stoneware place settings for $1.99 per setting. In other words, 40 cents a piece.

                I just found out the $1.49 DeCecco Napoletana sauce is $5+ online.

                1. re: dump123456789

                  I saw that DeCecco sauce at Oakland and it looked pretty good.

                  I buy lots of non-food stuff at GO. Since the season is approaching, I'm going to mention that last year they had noble fir Xmas trees (the expensive kind) for cheap, especially since it was the same price for all sizes and they had lots of big ones.

          2. Hot damn! I'm going to check out the San Jose locations and see if I can snag me one of those Spam Musubi gift Packs! I've been meaning to get one of those musubi makers, lol.

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            1. re: RandallW

              The Berkeley Grocery Outlet also has the Spam gift pack as well as single serving Spam slices for 50 cents,

              10 cents will buy you a pack of 3 vanilla Oreo cakesters. I['ve been wanting to try these but didn't want to commit to a whole package. They are ok. The Oreo filling is there but the cake is really meh. At 110 calories for a single cookie, I'm glad I didn't buy a bigger pack

              50 cents will buy a bunch of brocolli that is in good condition.

              1. re: rworange

                Went to the San Jose/Tully&Monterey location today and picked up the Spam Musubi Gift Pack. When I brought it home, I told my wife I got myself an early birthday present. =P She doesn't like me buying spam, but I finally got my musubi maker! haha.

            2. Times they are a changin'.

              Autumn at GO. Santa Rosa store has lots of:

              Canned and boxed soups
              frozen entrees, pizzas, etc. (many organic)
              refrigerated meats (disproportionate to cheese)
              Celestial Seasonings tea (at least 8 flavors at $1.99 box)

              Only one type of boxed Annie's mac & cheese, but first since springtime.

              And ice cream selections are low.

              Eat for the season.

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              1. re: Columba

                Folks, we have removed some posts here that are out of scope for this board. The regional boards are focused on the discussion of where to find great food and drink. Larger discussion of corporate changes or union impacts, whether speculative or factual, dilute the information value of this board.

                Please focus on what is available at Grocery Outlet in this thread.


                1. re: Columba

                  Much the same at Santa Rosa GO.

                  Annie's mac & cheese mix gone.
                  Spam musubi gift box at $17.99 on an end aisle.
                  Even more organic frozen food entrees to choose from.