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Oct 5, 2009 07:25 PM

Thanksgiving - Moderate but good restaurant open on Thanksgiving

Does anyone know of a moderately priced restaurant that I could take my out of town family to for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. No more than $20. each person? Buffet or Sit-down. Hopefully in the vicinity of Plano, but not necessarily. Thanks.

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  1. My recommendation is once you decide where you might go, that you call ahead to confirm the menu. Three years ago, we made reservations at Silver Fox, only to find out that there menu was limited to 3 choices, not one being a "steak". Yes, they served beef, but not a steak and only mashed potatoes and corn as sides. No flexibility. It was a disappointing day.

    I have heard that Maggiano's typically is open on Thanksgiving, but I am not sure if you are looking for that type of restaurant or something more original.

    Good Luck!

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      I called Maggiano's and they said they will be serving Thanksgiving-type meals during the season, but will not be open Thanksgiving Day.

    2. For that price point you might be better off ordering a dinner from Central. You could put together a pretty nice spread for $20 a person. Most of the buffets are in the $60 to $80 range.

      1. Dunston's on Lovers Lane in Dallas always has a resonably priced Thanksgiving buffet.

        Like irodguy mentioned, $20 is low for a holiday buffet.

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          A coworker of mine recommended Dunston's too. I just called them and she said they will be open from 11-3 T-Giving day, and the buffet will include turkey, ham, brisket, fish, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, fresh bread, and a dessert table. She may have mentioned other stuff, there was so much she mentioned that I don't know if I got it all. And get this..... the price is $18.95 per adult, she said it was lower for kids, but I didn't listen to the price since we will have no kids on board.

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