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Oct 5, 2009 07:24 PM

Restaurant New Years Eve 2010


My husband and I, and his family (5 adults total) will be spending New Years Eve in New York. We've been before and have done the low key evening (dinner at Lombardi's and a bottle of champagne back at accomodation) and seen Times Square so this year we thought we'd like to have a wonderful dinner. This is where I need help!

We will be staying in Tribeca but are happy to travel.

We were thinking Per Se, but I can't find whether they will be open for New Years or not - does anyone know? My husband and I have been to Per Se (years ago) and adored it and would asbolutely love to go back and to take his parents with us.

What about places like Balthazar and Le Bernadin? Or are we better off trying for restaurants on other nights rather than NYE and just doing a low key thing again?

Price is not so much of an issue, we're happy to pay for a spectacular dinner.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Per Se does serve on New Year's Eve. Most of the great restaurants in the city will be open, but when making reservations, you'll want to ask about their menu. They usually serve a special New Year's Eve menu - which typically comes with a "special" price - and no other options. So count on paying a significant premium over the already high prices. For example, if I remember correctly, Per Se's menu for that night was $750 pp (but that did include a wine pairing).

    Please fill us in on where you decide to go and report back on how you liked it!

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      Hi edwardspk,

      Thanks very much for that information.

      The menu information is really helpful as that was something I was curious about but had trouble finding information online. We're coming from Sydney Australia and our restaurants tend to do the same thing on New Years Eve.

      Will absolutely report back - after all the fabulous food ideas I've gotten from this website its the least I can do! We're in New York for 10 days and I'm very much looking forward to trying as many restaurants as possible so hopefully it will be a very long report......

    2. I had an amazine evening 2 years ago at Daniel for New Years Eve. They just received 3 Michelen stars, so I would book now, but an evening to remember. Great food, service, dancing, the works.

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        As info, Per Se books no more than 60 days in advance, and I'm pretty sure all the other 4-stars (including Daniel) book only 30 days in advance. In my experience, most if not all of them will not have their menus or their pricing set yet. But don't hesitate to contact any of them now to find out when they will be taking reservations for New Years.

        Taboo is right about Daniel. But you really couldn't go wrong with Le Bernardin, Per Se, Jean-Georges or the newest 4-star - 11 Madison.

        I just noticed you mentioned possibly "low key" on NYE. There are many very good 2-3 star restaurants worth trying that will be serving their regular menu - at regular prices - on NYE. So you might consider one of them for NYE, and hitting the 4-stars on the other evenings when your here - and when their prices are not elevated for the "special occassion".

        Hope you enjoy your visit. It's a wonderful city, and the Christmas/New Year's season is just fantastic. Look forward to hearing your report back.

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          You mentioned some very good 2-3 star restaurants - do you have any specific suggestions? I am looking for something similar to Misslis but price is an issue...we would like great food and great champagne but not incredibly "great" prices. Anything out there that you could suggest?

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          1. I had the same idea about Le Bernadin for NYE and called to make reservation on Dec. 01, and was told they were not open on NYE, which I found shocking.