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"Chow-worthy" near Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill?

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I've poked around the board a bit and come up with Yanni's Greek Cafe (Martinez on border of Pleasant Hill) and Chopin Cafe (Walnut Creek - off Treat) to try. I prefer to stay as close to Pleasant Hill as possible for relatively quick, not too expensive weeknight meals near where I work. Ethnic restaurants usually work well for me. Any other places people can recommend?

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  1. Try Shichaun Fortune House in Pleasant Hill, just down the road from DVC. Amazing, amazing food, lots more info on the net about it. There are also two Thai restaurants nearby. The one I hear about the most is the one in the Safeway shopping center, but I prefer the one on oak rd in pleasant hill. No idea on the names, sorry, but I'm sure you could locate them. There is also Los Panchos for mexican if you go down on Contra Costa until it turns into Pacheco.

    1. Chef Choy just past Toys R Us is very good.

      Chef Choy Chinese Restaurant
      548 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

      1. Monument Blvd. in Concord is nearby. Lots of Mexican places.

        Namaste or Swagat for Indian.

        1. I second Sichuan Fortune House. The place is great! (Keep in mind, they're closed from 3PM-5PM).

          Chef Choy is alright, but I'd rather go to Sichuan.

          Los Panchos is OK, but give me any hole-in-the-wall taqueria and I'll be good.

          If you like Greek food, try Yanni's Greek Cafe on Alhambra (it's a bit out of the way from DVC, though).

          On Willow Pass in Concord, there's the Park N Shop area, and there's a place called The Mediterranean that has great food. The shawerma is delicious!

          1. Good cheap Pho at :
            Pho Hoa An Restaurant
            1617 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA
            (925) 288-0736 ‎

            And I'll plug Sichuan Fortune House again for Sichuan specialties like Spicy Boiled Beef/Fish and their General Zangfei's (sp?) beef rocked my world.

            Pho Hoa An
            1617 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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              As an FYI for Pho Hoa An... they're a cash only establishment, although they do have an ATM machine there by the cashier. It's good pho though.

              The Chopin Cafe in Walnut Creek in actually right on the WC/PH border. Traffic is usually pretty light around there, and there are a few ways to get there that bypass Contra Costa Blvd/Main St. and the really crazy part of Treat.

              There's a tiny Japanese restaurant on Main and Sunnyvale in Walnut Creek called Nama Sushi that's pretty good too.

              For good Mexican, head up Monument or hit the Park N Shop in Concord though.

            2. Thanks all for the good suggestions - I will work my way around to all, and look forward especially to trying the Sichuan and Indian meals.
              Can anyone recommend a really good Thai place??

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                The Thai place in the Safeway shopping center on Contra Costa is Thai Osha and it's very good and fresh. But it's still in a sweet and mild "suburban" vein. In the same vein, Three Brothers from China across the street is very well prepared, mostly cantonese Chinese food. Very popular with Chinese families in Contra Costa. Sichuan Fortune House is really an anomaly for the suburbs. The Sichuan dishes really seem authentically oily and spicy. If you're tempted to order anything there labelled "Classic," go to Three Bros. instead.

                If you're around for breakfast or lunch, the Plaza Cafe, also in the Safeway center, is a great mainstream diner (except the coffee's not so good; they don't seem to mind if you bring in Starbucks from next door). I also like Korea House in the Park and Shop mall on Willow Pass, and falafel from the Mediterranean in the same mall.

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                  If you go to Three Brothers from China, make sure to ask for the "Chinese/special menu." They have a good deal where you can get 3 dishes for like $25.

                  For good Thai, go to Thai Village Restaurant on 670 Gregory Lane. It's a little hidden so you may overlook it when you pass by. But it's definitely a diamond in the rough.

                  Thai Village Restaurant
                  670 Gregory Ln Ste F, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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                  Thanks! Will look for those suggestions:-)