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Oct 5, 2009 06:46 PM

Pour House on Burnet.....anyone been yet?

Since this place is right by my house I really want to like it....
I thoroughly enjoyed Brentwood Tavern since I could roll up with the family, drink some beers, let the kids play, see some live music, and mosey on back to the house. I found some reviews of it on Yelp, but they seemed suspect and with quotes like this "The lack of play scape and live music is also a plus. With a jukebox like theirs, you don't need live music.The one downside was the number of children wandering around the patio. Hopefully, the word will get out that this is a pub and not a Chuck E Cheese." It doesn't look like I will get there anytime soon.

I actually found the reviews quite a humorous read.

I will hit it when the kids are not around. Let me know if you get there before I do:


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  1. went the other day. it has potential. It has definitely moved away from the family thing. I believe it is the same owner as Barfly. So yeah, they put some thought into the jukebox.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Wow, lot's of posts were deleted here...Anyhow, I went on Friday with my wife and 1.5 yo daughter.

        The service was extreeemely slooowww.....but it was their second night, so it didn't matter to me. It took forever to get a drink, and I'm not sure why (it wasnt' terribly busy).

        Yeah, we could smell the new paint and stain, and we stuck to the picnic tables. My hamburger was really good (good bun, toasted....meat cooked to order - definite step up from other options in the area). Drinks were cheap for HH. Seems like the place is set up for drinking" the bar has been extended to span the breadth of the building (inside).

        Outside, the playscape has been removed and replaced with a beanbag game within a sand pit; you toss beanbags onto a platform (for some points) or into a hole on the platform (for more).

        No one was playing the game, because the kids from the neighborhood, whose parents were drinking, took over the big sandpit.......scooping it up and playing even more fervently than they did in the former playscape. Some little ones, a la Lord of the Flies, constructed a huge mound of sand in the middle of the beanbag game. I thought that was funny.

        Kids will be present until 9 or 10 PM, and then they will be in bed after that. Plan accordingly......

        Good selection of beers and good prices - food seems promising. Watch out for the shills posting about this place.....they abound.

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          Well, I knew my post was going to be deleted, wonder how many others were.
          Anyway, about the beer selection, you said it is good. About how many beers on draft, do you figure?
          Have you had a burger At Billy's? How does it compare to that?

          1. re: TroyTempest

            Troy - they did not have a list of their beers on tap, but I thought that the waitperson said "over 20." The person just started listing the imports and I selected the first one that I wanted.

            The burger that I had that day was better than the last several that I had at Billy's. The bun was really good, and it was toasted. The patty had a char, being cooked over a gas grill.

            About the same deal, though - burgers are 7-8 get your choice of fries, onion rings, or chips. My fries were good. I tried an o-ring and it tasted a little weird to me.

            PS - there were probably 7-8 replies, all having something to do with the relative benefit/disbenefit of kids in general.

            1. re: rudeboy

              Thanks Rudeboy,
              that's good to know. I used to live in the neighborhood, and still get by there every now and then. Occasionally Billy's and Draught House get too crowded, so its good to have another option in the area. I haven't had a burger from Billy's in over a year.
              I should of known my little aside would stir the pot. Oh well.

          2. What are their hours? I stopped by at lunch and it was like a ghost town so I figured they were either closed on Monday or not open for lunch. I walked around all of the doors and did not see any hours of operation. Looking for a new place for our car club to meet since the Hangtown Grill at Burnet/2222 just closed. This place was recommended and I would like to check it out.

            1. Not open for lunch, apparently. I was there Friday and it was closed.