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Anyone can help give me suggestion for lunch in Hayward??

Working in the industry part of Hayward and the only think I can find are fast food and chain restaurants

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  1. I haven't been yet, but reviews on Yelp of City Bistro is very good.

    City Bistro
    30162 Industrial SW
    (at Whipple Rd)
    Hayward, CA 94544
    (510) 429-8600

      1. I've driven from Berkeley to have lunch at Gerry's.

        Gerry's Grill
        31005 Courthouse Dr, Union City, CA 94587

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          Robert, what's worth getting at Gerry's Grill?

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              funny, my parents love gerry's grill....but the one in the Philippines. i didnt realize they had a restaurant in the states...assuming, of course, they are of the same ownership.

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                Yeah, same. There are two in the US, the other one's in Artesia.

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                  I believe there is one in Daly City that just opened up recently in the Westlake shopping center. Haven't tried it yet, though.

        2. I really like the Kasper's Hot Dogs on A St (?) just above the BART station. Great vintage 50's building and stellar hot dogs.

          1. I spent a couple days in Hayward this spring and had two really good and inexpensive lunches. The first was a revisit to Curry Corner, which features homestyle Indo-Fijian cooking.

            The other was new to me, Taste of Manila. The lunch specials change daily, and I was lucky to be there when the squid cooked in its own ink was available. Here's the report.

            1. Just off "A" Street and I-880 is a taqueria, El Indio. I've been there twice. Each time was good and inexpensive. I think I got carnitas and al pastor tacos ($1.25 or $1.50 ea.?)

              There's a taco truck parked, a parking lot and a brink and mortar restaurant. I've never been inside the restaurant but the truck is fine and there's 6 or so tables with umbrellas outside on a patio.

              Also I'd start looking around for taco trucks nearby. My guess is there must be a few.

              El Indio
              22221 Hathaway Ave, Hayward, CA 94541

              1. At one time La Imperial on C St. was the place to go, it's across the street from Casper's Hot Dogs. Home style Mexican Food, my faves were the Chile Relleno's and Shredded Beef Enchilada's.

                La Imperial
                948 C St
                (between Main St & Mission Blvd)
                Hayward, CA 94541
                (510) 537-6227

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                  La Imperial if it was ever good, certainly isn't now. Truly dull, clumsy food. If one were in that area, you'd be better off at Le Paradis Francais, which is a Vietnamese restaurant and bakery. 22809 Mission Blvd, (510) 886-2130. Curry Corner is exciting food. The Favorite India 24052 Mission Blvd (510) 583-7550 is good;we havea branch of Pakwan 25168 Mission Blvd. (510) 538-2401.

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                    Curry Corner's definitely worth a detour. Indian by way of Fiji.

                    Curry Corner Takeaway
                    26657 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94544

                2. By "Industrial Hayward" I assume you mean west of Hesperian. Anyway, Tomodachi sushi is on Hesperian, close to Winton. It's next to the Sizzler steak house. Their grilled scallops ,oysters, Lobster, rack of lamb, in addition to sushi makes this my favorite in Hayward. Nice people good service.

                  1. Hayward has several excellent restaurants...and good value as well. I mentioned some of these before but I found some additional dishes that I discovered. Timing is important when you go to these places. Call ahead to make sure they got their signature dishes.

                    Manilla Garden off Hesperian accross from Home Depot has an absolutely awesome filipino roast pork. On Sundays they always have that. Crackling skin and tender juicy meat. The best version I find in US bar none. The only thing rivaling this would be the roast pork from the big dimsum houses such as Koi. At Manilla Garden, it is buffet style and one can eat as much as they want of this awesome dish. If you love roast pork, this is the ultimate roast pork. Their other buffet dishes are pretty good as well. All homestyle but tasty. Get this...it is only like $8-10 or so per person !! I never found a better value anywhere.

                    Tomodachi is quite good. Ray Sushi if you sit in the bar has good value I think. Both on Hesperian Blvd.

                    Grand Taipei also on Hesperian across from Chabot has awesome special chef dishes such as sea bass loaded with garlic. If you are garlic lover, this dish is garlic galore and loaded with garlic taste. A bit expensive dish but well worth it - probably $20-30 per dish but you can share with friends. Just stick with special chef dishes - very unique I think and excellent chinese dish.

                    As I mentioned before, the Hometown Buffet at Southland often has excellent buffet. It has a large grill section. For only $10 or so, you can get pretty good meat. Call ahead to find out if they have the brisket, pork chop and steaks. They are not top quality meat but very tasty. And the fried chicken is way above average.