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Jan 11, 2005 05:01 PM

Pasadena Playhouse dinner tonight

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We are going to the Pasadena Playhouse tonight.
Any suggestions or ideas, what is close for a good
dinner? We are open to all types of food, although
the SO isn't into thai.
As usual, will be enormously appreciative.

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  1. Smitty's Grill (on Lake Ave.) - American/continental
    Maison Akira (on Green St.) - Japanese/French fusion
    Bistro 561 (on Green St.) - Cal/Mediterreanean

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    1. re: ipse dixit

      El Portal - on Green across the street- Yucatan - sit down (get the conchinita pibil [sp])
      Cafe Verde - on Green just past Lake - great tiny place, Cuban, I think BYOB (no corkage)

    2. I like El Portal for Yucatecan food. Their cochinita pibil is very good, selection of tequilas was impressive, and margaritas looked great. Prices are very reasonable too.

      El Portal Restaurant
      695 East Green Street
      Pasadena, CA 91101
      (626) 795-8553

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      1. re: Ernie

        I realize this is too late for tonight, but I can't resist adding my two cents.

        I really liked the food at El Portal as well (a nice smooth mole) but my waiter made me wait a good 15 minutes for my bill while he served alcohol to every other table. He actually looked at me several times and blatantly ignored me. Otherwise, no complaints.
        I'd pick President Thai II (a couple blocks east of Lake, on Colorado, in an unassuming 2-story strip mall) which has very reasonable, well-balanced (spicy and savoury) dishes (and careful and pleasant service).
        For a more elegant restaurant, Maison Akira is FABULOUS.
        In between the two (in terms of price and physical setting) would be Japon Bistro, which has a very relaxing setting and fine entrees.

        1. re: Ernie

          El Portal is pretty good, not great in any one thing but pretty good across the board. You might want to try Restaurant Halie. Pricey, innovative but very good.