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Oct 5, 2009 05:24 PM

frost tolerence of root veggies

We are going to be experience a freeze (much earlier than usual). i am wondering if I need to get my carrots/beets/onions & potatoes out of the ground. Temps are getting down to -10C or 14F overnight for 4 nights straight. It should warm up after that, but who knows. We should be around -1C or 30F right now, I usually have lots of time to harvest, have never had to worry about this.

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  1. Your carrots, beets and onions should be alright if you get them covered with mulch or plastic before the frost. I'm not sure about the potatoes as far as the vines go but if they're pretty well grown the potatoes themselves should be fine. I think a mulch or plastic over the vines should protect them as well. We have plastic tunnels over our raised beds now and our root crops are doing fine as well as broccoli, lettuces and greens, peas, basil and we'd still have tomatoes if the blight hadn't got them earlier. We haven't had a hard frost yet but the tunnels usually extend our harvest into mid-winter at least, and the more cold weather crops into Feb.

    1. I would not chance the onions. Take them out and start curing them. If any frost touches onions, they're toast.

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        I actually took everything out. Have it all in my garage, but I think I am going to have to bring them in from there even. at least the onions.