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Oct 5, 2009 04:59 PM

Need suggestion for christening after party


I am planning my daughters christening and am having trouble finding an after party venue.
I am looking for a restaurant that can accommodate a party of around 40 in the midtown area. There are a few kids in the group so it should be kid friendly. Budget is $35-$45pp for a brunch/ lunch. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance : )

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    1. We actually had our son's post-christening party at Salute (39th and Madison). Although proximity to the church was a huge determining factor, it ended up being a very good choice. As you, our budget was about $40 pp. and we had about 50 people. They closed off half the restaurant for us, and served chicken paillard and home made tagatelle.

      I know it never gets mentioned on these boards, but Salute ended up being perfect for our needs.

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        I just had dinner at Salute, and it was NOT GOOD. I've eaten there before, and it's the kind of place you eat in just because you have to for the area -- I wouldn't go to it otherwise. If that area works for you, I would look into I Trulli, which gets great reviews and has a garden.

        1. re: nattie23nyc

          We had eaten there in the past as well but it came under new ownership about 18 months ago, we went and found it to be much better... which was why we decided to have the party there. That was about 11 months ago, and we've been back a few times since and found the home-made pasta to be fresh and not overly-sauced. Each time we've been there we've found if you stick to the simple stuff it's actually quite good, the more adventurous dishes can be more hit and miss.

          Don't get me wrong, I would definitely not put it in the same class as iTrulli, but I think the OP would have difficulty doing this at iTrulli within their budget.

      2. Perhaps Osteria Laguna on 42nd between 2nd & 3rd or Cibo on 2nd Ave by 41st. I believe they both get most of their business during the week, so they may be accommodating for a weekend lunch.

        1. In addition to Cibo which does those kinds of parties, there is a private room at Brasserie 8 1/2. Tthough I'm not sure how many it seats, I think they should be able to do 40.

          1. I had a great private party at Olana on 29th & Madison - good luck!