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One night in Atlanta for 2 romantic foodies...help!

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Will have 1 night to eat out in Atlanta....would prefer Buckhead area...my husband and I are foodies, and we're celebrating, so $$$ is fine.

Recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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    1. Bacchanalia is the best restaurant in the city. It's in West Atlanta, so doesn't fit your Buckhead request, but it's worth it.

      1. All Buckhead:

        Aria (most expensive probably)
        Antica Posta
        Restaurant Eugene

        1. Thanks! I will look up all of those

          1. In Buckhead, you might also consider Craft. But again, I strongly encourage you not to rule out Bacchanalia just because it's 10-15 minutes from Buckhead.

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              I agree. We ate at Craftbar the other night. I enjoyed it but I wasn't blown away for the price. I think it was the itty bitty $12 arugula salad that offended me. And there weren't many people indulging in Craft upstairs (Sunday night, but still).

              There's also Woodfire Grill for your current-season Top Chef contestant fix. Or, for a step down in price but not fun, you could do Holeman & Finch or Abattoir.

            2. Also just remembered that Paces 88 (in Buckhead) just made Esquire's Top 20 New Restaurants list. And if sushi appeals to you, MF Buckhead would be the place to go.

              1. If you like sushi, Taka has the best in Atlanta
                Cute, Small restaurant, romantic feel
                and in Buckhead