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Oct 5, 2009 03:17 PM

Turkey Farm?

It's almost that time of year again, and though I know my local Loblaw's has some types of frozen turkeys, I'd like to get a fresh one this year. Does anyone know of a turkey farm near montreal where I can order and pick-up a fresh turkey?


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  1. Their are two farms I know of on Rt 158 off Autoroute 15 going towards Lachute. They have a full range of Poultry and are open on Saturday's. At Christmas I buy a Turkey then head north on Rt 329 to Monfort where I get it smoked for the Holidays.This smokehouse also produces great Bacon ,Ham and all kinds of Sausage.

    1. Many butchers also carry fresh turkeys. The Atwater and Jean Talon markets are good places to look. Fermes St-Vincent usually has gorgeous if pricey organic ones. Or give Chez Vito, Boucherie de Paris, Fernando or other "neighbourhood" butchers a call. Probably best not to wait till the last minute, though.

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        At a recent cooking class, Elena (Mezza Luna) recommended Fernando on Roy. I was just there and ordered a fresh turkey for Saturday. Now, we plan to brine it--anyone know where we can get a reasonably priced crock or something similar for the process! Also are sour cabbage heads available in Montreal, making cabbage rolls. I am from the Prairies and yum, Kissel sour cabbage is readily available. Should be an interesting dinner, various cultures represented, Polish, Romanian, British, French(Alsace region),Quebecois!

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          In the past I got a nice turkey roasting pan at Stokes for about $25.

      2. Thanks Everyone! I don't know why I didn't think of the JT Market! I'll also check out Fernando...if it's not too late!

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          Won't be too late, I just ordered at Fernando's this morning.