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Oct 5, 2009 03:12 PM

Le Comptoir du relais- Paris

Hi everybody!

I'm coming back to Paris this year,and was really looking forward to try this Yves Camdeborde's restaurant,but.....
I 've been reading some not-so-good reviews recently...Is it true?Is this bistrot still really deserve a visit?


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  1. MEDIOCRE!! I'll never go back. There are so many fabulous restaurants in Paris; do not waste your time on this one.
    Has Daniel Rose's new SPRING opened yet? Watch for it.
    I adored Perraudin & dream of their tiny cheese raviolis in frommage blanc sauce. It is the perfect Paris Bistro and the 2 brothers that own it, charming.

    1. It depends what you want and what your expectations are. My last visit (for the brasserie service) was very good, it is a little more expensive than other places but I think it delivers. The brasserie service is meant to be quite simple, and quite traditional, no real thrills just basics done well. In that regard I think it delivers.

      I read on another thread that the weekday dinner/bistro format is coming to an end. If you get a table for that it could be good.

      Not certain if RomeAddict experienced the brasserie or bistro format - they are quite different.

      Ref: Spring, I thought that was anticipated to be open next year (2010). Daniel is vague, which you would expect given he has missed quite a few target dates for the opening. Looks like he is selling the old locations (yours for €98,000) but he also hints it will reopen in October as "something new". Not certain if that is a Daniel project or new owners.